5 reasons for Memphis

Memphis has some pros but football success and potential is much more important than hoops. FedEx is a big supporter but their academics are down with Boise State. Hosting Ole Miss in front of 61K fans sure helped attendance. It would be like us counting the OU game in our attendance.

Memphis’s case is all about FEDEX and $$$. Really no other reason to consider them.

Decent TV market and proximity to schools closer to the east coast.

UH, UConn, UCF, and Memph/Cinc are the best in my opinion in that order.

pray10 has nailed all the big articles on the topic in the “No Big12 expansion” string. Excellent work.

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5 reasons for no Memphis

  1. Tier 4 school. If invited, they’d be the only P5 school outside of the USNWR Top 200.
  2. No OCS
  3. They likely peaked under Lynch/Fuente, both are now gone, and their peak wasn’t even that good.
  4. Basketball has declined over the past 5 years
  5. Overall, very poor athletic program. They finished last in the American in the Director’s Cup.


Cincy seems to have lost most of its original luster and replaced with Memphis.

I suspect when …

Ono … their previous prez left recently to Oh Canada … most of their pizazz fizzled out like a carbonated drink left out on a Houston August summer day …

1 reason against Memphis: the Liberty bowl is a dump.

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