5-star OL Cade Mays leaving Georgia, father suing UGA after losing part of finger in folding chair 🤦‍♂️

This is a first for a reason to go in the transfer Portal.

Cade Mays, a former five-star prospect, has decided to transfer from Georgia and will reportedly head to Tennessee, according to the Knoxville News. Mays, a sophomore, started in 11 of 14 games for the Bulldogs this season, making his decision to enter the transfer portal somewhat surprising.

And then more news came out.

In addition to the news of Mays’ transfer decision, it was reported that his father, Kevin Mays, is suing the University of Georgia Athletics Department and a manufacturer of a folding chair, after part of his pinky finger had to be amputated.

At least it wasn’t his stinky finger.

So, the University folded the chair on his finger !!

Good gawd !

Maybe he should have taken Chair Folding 101.


Tennessee has only solid frame, non-foldable chairs I guess.



Per Radi Nabulsi of UGASports.com, Kevin Mays’ right pinky finger was partially amputated because a folding chair was wedged between a column. According to the report, his severed finger “shot across the floor.”

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Takes me back to the R&S days…

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He would have had a field day ay bleacher gate.

Unfortunately, that’s a course only offered at U North Carolina.

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This kid transferred to Tennessee, who is now going to start five former 5* linemen next season and still not be able to run the ball


Lost a finger… I lose things constantly. If it shot across the floor it should still be in the room. Surely somebody can find it.

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