5 Teams that could go undefeated rest of the season

NCAAM: 5 teams that could go undefeated the rest of the season (usatoday.com)

"Houston (14-2):

"If you asked anyone before the season who would win the American Athletic Conference, you likely got one of two answers — Memphis or Houston. I sided with the Tigers and believed their top-end talent would give them the edge. However, it’s taking longer than expected for those guys to grow. It’s very clear that the Cougars are the alpha in the AAC, and they have been for a while.

“Houston’s two losses are to two currently-ranked Top 25 teams (Wisconsin and Alabama) by a combined three points. And all but two of its wins are by double-digits. Teams like Memphis, SMU, and Cincinnati could all theoretically sneak in a win against Houston, but the Cougars should be favored in almost every matchup from here on out. They’re one of the few teams who have a realistic chance at running the table the rest of the regular season.”


I hope our kids don’t read that. We always over-perform when we think we could lose…and vice versa.


Very unlikely and really a dumb article. To me it’s more of a put down to our conference.
I’ve said before, every game we play is going to a grind, especially when aren’t shooting well


Yeah, with our lack of depth, I think at some point we have games where the kids have dead legs. The effort will be there, but probably will drop games.


Well, the national media definitely has a higher opinion of our athletics than our local media…and have for some time.

But you’re right. It’s Coogs by 1 every game from this point forward. Every game a war.


Run the table? I dunno… Maybe.

Winning all our home games would preserve NET ranking and assure we don’t lose to anyone twice.

Doing that and not losing two in a row will put us right where we want to be.


If we did that this season id be very impressed lol

I’d be really surprised if we were able to run the table, road conference games are tough, and at least 2 of the 9 we are gonna play a team shooting lights out from three. Happens every season.


All that without our leading scorer and a guy who probably would have been sixth-man of the year. And with them, nobody in preseason thought we had a chance at a deep tournament run and would probably have to settle for 2nd in the AAC.

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I think this team has the ability to run the table for the rest of the season… I doubt it but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

They play great D, don’t turnover the ball, rebound well (defensively and offensively) and can hit 3s (no sharpshooter but Taze, Fabs, Shead, Walker and Edwards can hit 3s)…

And they can feed Carlton to prevent scoring droughts… Shead also seems to get us out of these droughts as well.

I know we were better with Sasser and Mark but we’re still DAMN GOOD!


I agree the main issue is just us being very fatigued which results in a game with horrendous shooting

With Mark and Sasser 18-0 in conference would have been likely if we get past @Tulsa trap game with a W.

No one else in the AAC looks scary good this year

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2 losses before the AAC tourney seems realistic.
We will get everyone’s best game and UH draws their biggest AAC crowds of the year.

AAC is also looking somewhat better than a potential 2 bid league coming out of the OOC schedule.

I felt when at 100% that our team was going to be tough to beat in conference and could undefeated.
With this t am we have redefined ourself but still less margin for error.
I always want to win but our goals
is not to win every game. If we lose them we move on and learn.

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