50/50 Club

Ok, Kelvin’s contract has been extended. We’ve got a great stadium, practice facility, coaching staff and team. Fan support this season has been great. I hope there will be an increase of season ticket sales (I know of at least an increase by two were added on my account). Will we be getting more people in the 50/50 Club?

Honestly, I’m not sure about it - purely financial reasons and I was not a member before. I may not continue with 46ers for same reason but I have time to decide.


I joined the 50/50 this year. DO NOT Tell my wife.


I can understand why. Should have gotten a joint membership so she wouldn’t be left out!

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46ers has that option.

$600 for the joint 46’ers instead of the $500. We did this a couple years ago. Wife now gets gear also. Good deal all around. When I joined 50/50, I asked about, and then suggested that they do the same kind of deal.

We left the 46ers after many years for personal reasons and I’d love to join the 50/50 Club if they offered a joint membership.

Can you guys post a link?

For whatever reason I’m not on any sort of mailing list from the university so I have no idea about any of these things.

https://uhcougarpride.com check the sport specific clubs under giving opportunities

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thank you!

will most likely join 50/50 and 46’ers


Good for you brother. Thanks!:+1::+1::+1:

the jordan coach stuff has me thinking about the 50/50 club…


They must have taken your suggestion. I just received the following response from Cougar Pride today regarding additional gear for the 50/50 Club:

It would be an additional $100 for an extra set of gear. Just like how the 46ers work if you were to donate $500.00 that would qualify for one set of gear, but if you were to donate $600.00 that’s where you would get the extra set.

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What gear?

You think long, you think wrong. Do it!!

I’m a 50/50 club member. The “gear” is a shirt. It’s a nice shirt, but certainly not worth $100 just by itself.

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