50 Cent and Houston

Seems the guy has an obsession with the city of Houston

Recently announced a partnership with the Texans

Also hosing a celebrity basketball game at UH


I’m wondering if he sees some business opportunities here.

Only reason I made this thread is because I saw him driving a Ferrari on 290 yesterday


Doesn’t Drake do a celebrity baseball game at UH every year? I don’t know what it is they like about Houston so much but I like that they like it.

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I am, well… I was a pretty avid hip hop fan. I think rap music today is pretty crap. That being said, I’ve been a drake fan since he blew up in 2009. Jay Prince Jr. who’s the son of J. Prince, one of the executives of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot records is the one who discovered Drake. Lil Wayne flew Drake out to Houston in 09 to sign his record deal with Cash Money.

Drake has always been a loyal Houston advocate even though he’s from Canada

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Drake has a few businesses in Houston, he likes the city a lot. 50 has lived in Houston for a year now I think.

We need 50 to do “In Da Cage” a Coog version of his first hit.


My son loves Drake. I like him but all his music started sounding the same. He does surprise with a good song every now and then.

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Did you guys know that 50 Cent also is usually the high bidder at the Rodeo charity wine auction?



Drake has usually “hosted” and participated in what he dubs “HAW” (Houston Appreciation Week), it’s a week of activities, with a “celebrity” softball game at Schroeder Park being one of the activities.

50 Cent, which someone mentioned earlier, moved to Houston about a year or so ago. 50 “hosted” an event this weekend at the Grand Tuscany Hotel.

Drake gave TSU a shoutout already on an album - gotta move on to the next one lol




I thought 50 moved here last year or something.

We have a big tent here at UH…and you don’t even have to like his music, he is a really good actor, as I remember…

I think this board’s sponsor might have some idea. Apparently in celebrity circles, Houston is notable for the quality of such establishments.

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Drake considers Houston where he got his first big break, so he’s always had that connection to Houston and I think he used to do an annual show and game as a thank you.

50 moved to Houston a couple of years ago and has been hyping up the city ever since. Seems like there a surprising number of celebrities that low-key live in Houston.


Harvard: Gates, Zuckerberg.

Houston: 50 Cents

Let’s put that in our portfolio for the AAU committee.

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I can never forget this Aziz Ansari bit about 50 Cent. Won’t lie, but this connection to the city and UH is pretty cool!