500 users in one week

Hey everyone!

We had over 500 users sign up on the new Coogfans in the first week! We had hoped to have 200 in the first month. Thank you so much for making this an early smashing success!



Not surprising. The site is excellent! Great job!

Ditto, good choice in software!

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Thanks, I did a ton of research on platforms – and there are many – and this one by far is the most flexible, fastest, and friendly development environments I found.


Hey, is there am option for a “keep me signed in” button? I keep having to sign in on my computer, oddly enough, not on my phone though. I’ve looked, am i missing something?

It should remember you. You might be blocking the cookie. It uses cookies to keep you signed in.

I personally have never blocked a cookie.


Could be the way your browser preferences are set.



How many users did the other site have? 1400 or so?

k i’ll see.

I think more would come if more knew about this site


Best way is for folks to use the invite function on your profile once you hit level 2 (Member).


Ok. The site needs a sarcasm emoji.


Hahahah. Yes it does… :grinning:

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We can help build this site. If members gather and post links to articles of interest to Coogs, the site will have great interest and draw more members over time. I have spent a lot of time and will continue searching for my Coogs.



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We’ll have some more original content up as the season nears. I’m hoping to interview both coaches Orlando and Applewhite for season preview articles before summer practices begin. And of course once the season begins I’ll have my pregame preview and postgame analysis articles as well.

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This is my first post on the new coogfans. I am a lifelong coog. 29 years old. Graduated from Texas Tech. But UH has always been near and dear to me and always will be. Looking forward to the 2016 season!


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