59% chance of being undefeated by UofL game


69% chance of beating Navy. This one’s huge. They’re all huge. #1-0

Interesting that they have the same percentage against both Navy and Memphis. I actually think Memphis may be tougher. We will always have a bigger edge on teams so dedicated to the rush than those that don’t. I also like the fact that they give us the edge over Louisville.

I’ll be rooting for Louisville this weekend. Ideal that we both go into our game undefeated.


We’ll see if Memphis is for real this weekend against Ole Miss. They’ve had a pretty easy schedule so far. They still have to go to Navy in 2 weeks and then have to play USF and go to Cincinnati before the game with us.

My only concern about playing Memphis is that we have to play them on the road right after we play Louisville. We’ll be beaten up and exhausted and/or setting up nicely for a trap game. Memphis has a really good passing offense and our secondary hasn’t been great. I’m really concerned about how much Winchester gets torched on the outside. We’re going to have to start supplementing him with a safety which negatively affects our pass rush. Can’t imagine something more crushing than beating Louisville then losing to Memphis and missing out on a conference championship.

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