6 Tickets and 2 Parking Passes FREE

I have 6 Tickets and 2 Garage parking passes FREE for Thursday for anyone who’d like to pick them up in the Memorial City area today.

Let me know!

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I will take the parking passes! Go Coogs!

Can’t even give away tickets to our games lol, and we expect people in the stands, give me a break

Can I get 4 tickets?

I had to pay someone to take my tickets.

I already have tickets to the game, just want those parking passes.

I just sent private messages to UHCoog and Coogalum.

I’m still looking for club tickets. (Hosting a client and would like to show him more than just the empty stadium.) really surprised they don’t sell on stubhub.

I have two tickets that I’m not using if anyone wants them I can transfer them via UhCougars.com