#6 UH vs Utah - Friday 11/17 @ 3:30. ESPN2

Has anyone other than Calvin Murphy been even close to Rick Barry at shooting free throws?
Ha, yes I googled this. Seth Curry and others are better. NBA & ABA Career Leaders and Records for Free Throw Pct | Basketball-Reference.com

Shaq I think​:rofl::rofl:



It’s not luck… We’re slow to transition back after a trap, or get screened, and boom… Wide open 3.

Most college teams just can’t take advantage of it.


That’s an interesting list. 40% of the All-Time Top 20 FT shooters are in the Hall of Fame, and it’s 50% when you add Steph Curry and Kevin Durant (definite future HOFers).

That’s a pretty remarkable correlation isn’t it?

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Free throws are important just as I stated and I would love to see us shoot 100% every game.


the way you compensate for poor FT% is better FG%. One more 3 point shot makes up for 3 missed FTs.

While Coog fans lament over one seemingly deficiency of our game, Utah fans are disappointed that the Utes FG% was only 35% to our 45%, and as good as they shot 3 pointers, our 3pt% was slightly better.

Fortunately, we are able to overcome the below average FT% with rebounds, steals and creating turnovers. Our aggressive floor performance makes up for a multitude of deficiencies.

Fans want perfection, but this fan will settle for effort that leads to wins. The words, free throws, are a misnomer. Technically, they are uncontested shots. To the best of my knowledge, in competitive sports, nothing comes free. Everything is earned.


You’d think from reading the in-game comments on this thread, we lost by 20. Instead we covered the spread against a good Utah team.


It was a good day.

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Oh yeah. What fan doesn’t want 100% FTs. Geez. That’s really begging the point.

As if I’ll just clank these 2 FT no prob. I’m sure to drain the next 3 just like I did against Villanova.

If you can improve the team’s FT%, you’ll be my hero. :sunglasses:

Set it up and I will, but it’s not something you do during the season.

Larry Bird

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No one leaves practice 'til everyone on the team hits 10 in a row.

And 7 of 8 tonight

The overreaction every time we have a bad night at the min I funny

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Tell us how you would improve the team’s ft% if someone were to set it up in the offseason.

It’s based on not only experience, but making players aware of what makes up good free throw shooting compared good jump shooting from the field, how they are similar and dissimilar, and how the mechanics and rhythm of jump shooting is compensated for in form and timing at the line to achieve better results.

There is no magic bullet cure all for all players. It’s evaluated on a per player basis. Some players, if the feel they need to improve, can incorporate some or all changes as they see fit and if it feels comfortable to them.

I don’t have access to the tape over the 3 years he was at UH to analyze what led to the decline in his FT % after his first year (not enough arc?), but right off the bat in Chaney’s first year I was very impressed with his form, mechanics and timing at the line. That first year he was over 70%. Like I said I dont have tape to watch comparatively what changed after that first year.

There are 4 main factors that make up successful FT shooting. After my last year of college ball I started thinking about FTs and how often it seemed that good shooters from the field struggle from the line. It didn’t/doesn’t make sense.

It amazes me that Roberts shoots FT that have no arc and are basically line drives. Shoots them WAY too hard.

My concern is in the tournament where every point counts against good teams and you can’t be making one of two FT (or going 0-2 or missing front ends of 1+1’s) especially down the stretch at crunch time.

Not really concerned about Shead, LJ, Dunn, Sharp and TA shooting FT in the tourney but with our frontcourt (Roberts, Francis + Tugler) I absolutely will be concerned.

Our bigs take a good portion of our FT.

Roberts, Francis and Arceneaux have all shot more FT than Cryer (12 FTA in 6 games).

Those three plus Tugler have shot more FT than Shead (5 FTA in 6 games).

I’m a basketball imbecile… why doesn’t Shead get foul calls? I know he stays outside the arc a lot, but he takes enough drives inside that I’d expect to get a few calls. There were seven players that took more FT in yesterday’s Tennessee-Purdue game than Shead has attempted all year. Edey took as many FTA yesterday as Roberts has taken all season (17).

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I agree with all of that. I was able to shoot 90% from the line regularly outside of games. I didn’t get to the line much in games, but know i would have dropped lower there due to game-time fatigue.

I do tend to agree with insufficient arc particularly (JRoberts). And style of play exerted that others mentioned.

I was just curious what the secret remedy proposed was since it seems to me there really isn’t one that money can buy (see the low tier percentages even in the NBA).