610 at it again

It’s like they are purposely trying to piss off UH fans… what is the purpose of writing this crap?

Not even going to give them my click to count.


Don’t click on the link. Don’t post a nasty comment.



I know we always say it whenever a 610 post appears but I put it on 610 on once every two months or so just to see and sure enough they are always talking about the Texans. And then I click back off of it. I’m a provisional Texans fan. I’ll be a full-bore Texans fan once again as soon as Bilbo is gone.

They lost me at “Cougs”…no click from me.


Pure click bait. Don’t give them what they want.

My apologies to my fellow Coogs but just reading this snippet here has created an enormous amount of pressure in my nether regions. Please excuse me for a bit.

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Trolls gotta troll

I don’t mind the other 610 hosts, but that midday line up with Lopez is just awful. Sounds like we’re hearing the death rattle of that show with a few parting shots aimed at Herman/UH

If this is a local show and it is against the city of Houston and its premier university, then why would anybody listen to it or want it around. Sounds like a move on situation to me and enjoy the many other quality media outlets that are available: The Weekly Brew, Scott and Holman Pawdcast, Joseph Duarte on Periscope, just to name a few of my favorites.

We’re a Nielsen family and I listened to the station everyday during my commute. I took them off my saved stations when Lopez went full retard on Tom Herman, haven’t listened since and never will again. Now it’s 790 and 740, plenty of options.


Don’t click but if you’re on twitter send them a note of disapproval (to put it mildly). This is unreal that a local Houston radio station would actively be rooting against the University of Houston’s success.

This explains a lot:

Garret Heinrich
The digital content manager of CBS Radio Houston, Garret is a father, husband, sports fan and former comedian.
Follow Garret On Twitter @GarretHeinrich

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Took 610 off my car dial after last years CTH interview with blopez and that little weasel. I wrote the manager an email and he wrote me back saying almost the same crapola blowpez was saying about his source was close enough. Neither of them showed any understanding of what it meant to CTH to have to put out the fires they started. NO THANKS!

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It was great reading the immediate rebuttal from Shaun Bijani.

This one? It is a good article, although, I question 610’s intentions with this in-house argument.

So, our web guy Garret wrote an article yesterday titled “Tom Herman Should Leave UH For These 9 Programs.” He thinks we need to have a hard conversation with Houston Cougar fans.

This is laughable.

Well its seems to be quite obvious …

Garret Heinrich
The digital content manager of CBS Radio Houston, Garret is a father, husband, sports fan and former comedian.

I suspect ole Garret got “booed” off a comedy stage somewhere … probably near UH … and he is taking his pent up anger for not making it as a comic against the only target he knows …

He did elaborate into extensive detail on the schools CTL could be targeting … no one has done that before … they just stated CTL would be leaving … so ole Heinrich has a LARGE burr up his patootie or logged in his throat …

Heinrich needs the ole Heimlich to dislodge it … OR

Just ignore him though he was more inventive than the others but we may know the reasons.

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Matt Thomas and Lance Zierlein ripped on 610 for this article. Both were of the same opinion as the rest of us - that this is classless and disrespectful especially when talking about the home town team.

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610 is garbage and they continue to hire garbage. Plain and simple. If anyone remembers that Josh Innes dbag, he just got fired from his philly radio station yesterday.

My Radio dial doesn’t have a 610 on it.

Sports 790 FTW!

I found it odd…not good that Jeremy Branham who does Coog baseball, UHFootball sidelines, etc was tagged in back and forth tweets and never chimed in with any positive UH feedback. He does a little work for 610…updates etc but felt he needed to step up and show some…

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