790 fires Pallilo, hires... Josh Innes

Oh goody.

Wow. I’m not a big Pallilo fan but this clown? Wow. Their entire afternoon is hot garbage now.

This sucks like I said on tos can’t believe he’s replaced with Scooby-Doo 's son. Damn. Hope he lands somewhere local soon.

I have to believe that Palillo left, rather than got fired.

If not, this is more like an April Fool’s joke.

Josh Innes might be the only radio personality in this town that was worse than Nick Wright. What in the world is 790 thinking!?!

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Isn’t Josh the kid that got his car repossessed and they were making fun of him on the air about it?

Does that mean we’re going to get some of this? http://www.crossingbroad.com/2016/08/radio-wars-josh-innes-is-out-at-wip.html

Fewer and fewer shows worth listening to on local sports talk. I wasn’t the biggest Charlie Pallilo fan but he was much better than Josh Innes

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How did this guy get a job at all?

The polls are in between Josh Innes & crackling static…Static in a landslide.
Adios 790!

Wow. The push for childish, pervy, trashy, lowest common denominator radio is strong. Pallilo was bad, but at least he had integrity. This is really just a miss for 790.

His Pallilog for today was up for a few minutes and had the usual type sports update with a odd reference to: "“That’s the high road in Austria. The way to travel in life even when not in Austria.” Don’t think he would have gone through the trouble if he was quitting today. The Pallilog menu item is no longer there but you can still read it here:


Charlie sounded like an arrogant and condescending host. Won’t miss him.

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I loved Pallilo, can’t believe he got canned. Not many people can host a show by themselves. He did a great job and I thought was pretty honest/reasonable when it came to UH.

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I guess if you’re 790, and you get the chance to hire a racist assclown, you don’t think twice.


Did Matt Jackson turn them down?

I always thought MJ and LZ would have a hell of a good show…

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Truthfully, I don’t listen to that much sports radio (outside of a UH game broadcast). Though I was unimpressed when they had Innes on 610 previously. The little I listened to, they did a lot to make him sound like a creep.

they cleared their most popular slot and instead of hiring someone of quality they hired an ass clown who got fired.

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“After I left Houston, I missed it,” Innes said. “And the opportunity at 790 is perfect. They said they want me to be who I am and to do what I do, and they will support what I do.


So 790 wants him to create a stereotypical African American character to call his show?


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