8:40 pm tip against Michigan

Kansas-Seton Hall at 6:10.

Perfect! Be able to watch after work. Go Coogs!

i don’t like these late start times, was hoping we’d get a mid 5 start time …

but ill take it, we’re the last game on…

Works for me, the one weekend I’m working but I’ll get out just in time. Northwest watch party at Bastion Brewery in Anacortes, WA!

So based on today,the tip off will actually be closer to 9:15 :roll_eyes:

The more time they get to rest and prep the better.


I had a feeling Rob would have a game like that. After the end of the Cincy game . . .

To beat Michigan, however, it will need to be a team effort. Not just the Rob Gray show.


I agree. I think the other team members got “a case of the nerves”. Rob was the only productive one.I really don’t see C Davis and Brooks having two bad games in a row. At least, I hope they don’t! Go Coogs!


CD did fine in the first half but they were putting really tall players against our guys. Devlin was playing a 6’10" forward and Amoni just wouldn’t take a shot. Plus those refs were even worse than the ones in the ACC championship game. They called very little on SDSU in the 2nd half even when SDSU were going over the back of our players.


perfect. i’ll be in new orleans for the rockets/pelicans game (starts at 6) and I can watch the game in my hotel afterwards.

We’re playing with house money now. We have nothing to lose…we’re the underdog. Let’s go shock the world.


First line posted…Coogs are a three point underdog.

I’m happy with that. Recognition that it should be a tight game.

Edit: a few 3.5’s showing up now.

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I will take it as a three point dog. I like how we play when an underdog.

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Armoni just can’t seem to get open… he was locked down on in the AAC Championship game too.

Michigan is big and they’ll be wanting to do the same thing, get inside and turn the game into a foul fest.

I’m predicting about 9:05 after Seton Hall beats Kansas in OT.