8 months

The best part of all this is 8 months of optimism and and excitement building to the season. If Major had been retained, would have been 8 months of “meh” to despair.

Glad to miss that.

Full disclosure: I don’t hate or dislike Major Applewhite. I supported his hire and hoped he would succeed. Just the UH HC position didn’t work out for him, and I believe he wasn’t right for it.


Big reason why the move was made


Yes I now look forward to the 2019 season. After the Norman game. Not looking forward to that.


I can honestly say this is the first time in 3 years i have been excited for UH football.


Wondering how we stack up again them compared to ten years back when Case and crew went into Stillwater vs #3 in the nation. For some reason I think King can also duplicate Keenum’s play this time around.

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IN total we are so much further along as a program as a whole. In terms of athletes, I have no idea and others will know better.

However, King can run any kind of offense his skill set is that good. I do believe we will run less RPO, though I think Dana does use it.


Yep. I agree. I hoped Major could continue what we had going, but he was dealt a tough hand with QB issues, coaches leaving, and injuries. Still, in retrospect fans were so p.o.ed about Herman that a fresh start probably would have been better. Well, we’re getting that now and in a big way.


With an injury free season Major would have been the toast of College Football. Unfortunately it didn’t happen.

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I am not sure I agree. There were glaring issues all along starting with the first bowl game. This season with the defense, even if we didn’t have the injuries, the D was just awful most of the time. I didn’t like to admit it, but I just never felt like he had control of the program in a way that was championship level. In an ideal world coaches would be given time to develop like Yeoman was given. Heck it took Leach several seasons to get WSU up to snuff.

But with the P5 boondoggle, and the fact Herman showed us what’s possible… we don’t have that luxury.


Major is an interesting case study because he is as unpopular on Longhorn boards as he is on here. I think he is a genuine guy that truly cares about his players.

He really needs to carve out an offensive identity for himself, and working for a defensive coach like Manny Diaz is the perfect opportunity. He needs to be someone like Holgerson that calls his own plays as a head coach if he wants the fans to appreciate him. There needs to be a “Major Applewhite offense”

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My wife is a Sooner, so we’re already making plans to be there. Regardless of the outcome, it will be a long quiet drive home :grimacing:


Yes, but you have to keep in mind that three key secondary players—Davis, who was captain the previous year and a three-year starter, Winchester, and Wilder—were gone by the first game to the third. Owens, who was a starter and expected to be a force against the run, was injured in the first half of the opener. Then Chambers was lost a few games in. Johnson missed a game or two then Oliver was hurt mid-season followed by the rest of the starting DL, Carter and Turner. I’m somewhere in between. Like I said above continuity probably wasn’t a good idea in our case given the negative feelings about Herman. But throw in that his OL coach, the one his OC wanted, left within a few weeks of hiring him, and we had to settle for a guy whose schemes didn’t match well with the OCs, a mediocre QB and a rebuilding defense in ‘17, and you can see he was dealt a lousy hand. Having said that whether he was or not I’m thrilled with Holgorsen and would have taken him in a heartbeat had I ever thought until recently we had any chance to hire him.


If our defense plays good next year we can beat OU.

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Does Major not get any of the blame for Winchester and Wilder bailing on the program?


The tackling was poor all year long

Find a girl friend from UH and take her along. That way, you’ll have someone to talk to either way . . . . .

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?? I don’t know?

Too risky. Fly your wife there and drive with your UH buddies to game.

Major had the same problem Tony Levine had. He has NO coaching network. Look how awful his coaching hires were. Brian Johnson and No D…I mean only Jamie Bryant/MIke NEsbitt rivals that level of incompetence.

Dana is not keeping ANYONE…that speaks volumes. Perhaps if there was no early signing day, Holgerson keeps a coach or 2, but he’s not and really who could blame him.

I am still stunned that he got another OC job at a major school. I can’t wait to bet against Miami every game until he’s gone.

It’s almost as if no one is paying attention to the actual football. Saban got rid of him after 6 months (He figured it out). He’s off the Greg Davis tree (yuck). I feel like people opine romantically about his coaching based on his playing career.


The Miami tenure will define Major’s future as a coach. He will be under a defensive coach so he will get the credit for their offense, pass or fail. Miami was 104 in the nation last year so there is almost nowhere to go but up. Applewhite has worked closely with Herman and Briles three of the last four years. He’s going to need a dual threat QB IMHO if he is going to be successful. It will be interesting to watch, but I wouldn’t bet against him. He won 8 games at Texas with Case McCoy at QB.