9/11/19 Dana Interview on 610


Dana really praises King… says he’s never had a QB that can do some of the things in King can do.

Working with King to speed up his reads, says they can do a lot of things with King depending on the game, opponent, or situation. He hinted that he’s trying to get King to not tuck and run as much and “keep him clean”.


Agreed. I don’t think he’s ever had a quarterback thats a game changer like 4. But he’s gotta cut’em loose if we wanna keep up with WSU


And that is what is killing us, Dana. I know Dana mean well, but let King be himself. He is used to instinct.


Politely disagree… Case Keenum was an running option QB in high school, only 1 D1 offer. When he came to campus in his first spring, there were people on this very board making fun of his throws, saying things like “Quack Quack” in regards to his throwing ability. Now he starts in the NFL.

Dana has to run his system, that’s why he’s here. He doesn’t want his QB getting hit too often and wants him to make his reads. That being said, we will still see some electrifying rushes from King. Thank goodness Dana believes in the run unlike Leach.


Agree, D’Erik will thrive in Dana’s offense. His game is tailored for it. He just has not showed it yet. You will see pin point accuracy and timing very shortly. We have to be patient. We ourselves are rushing/pressing too much.

Who is D’Erik?

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Coogs D’Eriq?