9.16.21 Houston Press Article

Here’s a fun read from Sean Pendergast in the Houston Press. “Tell me something good…”. Right here baby!! Go Coogs! Eat em up!


Pretty much agree with all of Sean’s takes. Just hope that the conference holds tight and continues to strengthen.


“It feels like this whole thing could crumble at any time”
Unfortunately this is the overall feeling nationwide. This is because we have not played in the BIG12 yet. This is a volatile situation.

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How long will it be before ut starts trying to run the show in the SEC !

Best reason I like the new big12, is that ut isn’t in it !!


That will never happen because of one team and that is Alabama and I also don’t think LSU is going to let UT stroll in like their the hoss. Multiple teams will put a check on UT and tell them to go sit back down at the end of the table.

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Well, I might not be around for NEVER, but I doubt it will never happen.

History tell us the following:
Have bailed on the utau pimp. He tries to disguise himself but he is out there. Watch out Alabama. He is coming out to get you suckers.
The following evidences are clear sightings of him. How do we know it is the utau pimp? Notice the distinctive sewer color ever so present on his disgusting disguise. Do we want our children looking up to the so called college football master ruler?

Nice pic, huh!?! :heart_eyes_cat:

That was at the OU game in 2016. Lots of familiar faces. :blush:

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If Texas blew up the SEC, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in college football. (Not sure how it would affect us, though. Probably not positively, so in that sense I hope not.

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Just as long as it will take for the big dogs to slap them down- about 15 seconds.