9 players tomorrow

Any tips on who those 9 might be?

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Dejon, Brison, and Gorham at a minimum and no Mills

I would think Sasser would sit. Last time i saw him he was wearing a boot on that bad ankle

Coach’s Keys to the Game featured Grimes so I bet he plays…

I really hope any player who is iffy because of the virus doesn’t play. We are deep enough to be able to play with alcorn, even if our 1st or 2nd guys don’t play or play very little. The important thing is to get time for our other kids to get some playing time, since it will show us what they have and only get better playing against better competition. Don’t take this as a downer, since to me it’s a learning experience!

There is no iffiy with virus. If they are done with quarantine and been cleared they will be available.

Hope to have a full squad after Temple game in perpetration for a good UCF team

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I too would like to know who the 9 available players are.

But, if you look back to Sampson’s first season at UH (2014-2015), on a team that finished 13-19 he essentially had only 9 guys on his roster, and a couple of them (J.C. Washington and Bert Nkali) played very few minutes a game. That team had decent starters (L. J. Rose, who played injured, Mikhail McLean, who also played injured, LeRon Barnes, Jherrod Stiggers, and Chicken Knowles), but had 3, 5, and 8 game losing streaks during the season and simply lacked the depth to win more than 4 conference games. I watch them play the whole season, including losing to Harvard, Arky-Pine Bluff, and South Carolina State, and, in spite of all of that, I felt that they were overachievers.


Powell, shead, mark, and grimes may play too.

Everyone that played against South Carolina is available today! We are back baby!. Players of significance that are out include: Caleb and Marcus.

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i wouldn’t touch that UH -35 though

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Kellen Sampson is back too!


I thought that too man Vegas is smart. Alcorn covered it came down to the last possession.