A Chart Showing Conference Brand Values


This is why people shouldn’t worry too much about Big 12 schools getting “raided.”

Their brand value is simply not high enough to make them attractive.

UH, incidentally, has among the very lowest brand value of any P5 school. So put down your crack pipes and dispel any delusion you might have that some other conference is coming for UH.

You can tell that B1G and SEC brand values, with only a few notable exceptions (Vandy, Rutgers, etc) are MUCH higher on average than those of the other three “power” conferences.


What is the source for this chart? This would backup me saying it doesn’t make sense for the PAC teams to join the Big 12 if Oregon/Wash don’t leave.


Wall Street Journal.

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This chart makes a decent argument that we should jump to the Pac-12.

Unfortunately, per the chart, their first invite is going to K-State.

ETA: It does explain why the B1G invited Oregon and Washington instead of USC and UCLA as people would have guessed.


I’m somewhat surprised that WVU is at 61 million. I don’t understand how we are at 41 million. How do we bring up pur brand value? To me, we should be much higher.

What is brand value exactly?

Figuring Baylor and TT have a 28 yr jump on us eating filet minon while UH was eating scraps in the backwaters of CFB, that is no surprise.


WVU is lower than I thought, but consider just how much the relegation to G5 has cost UH and Cincy over the last several years.


I find it hard to believe Texas Tech has 6X the brand of Houston . All I can say is these schools have benefited from being in the Big 12 the last 2.5 decades.


From the WSJ:

Quote: Brewer analyzes each program’s revenues and expenses along with cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections.

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What is the source for this? What’s the data or math behind it?

How can Oregon & Washington be more valuable than USC & UCLA…?

They were literally picked over them for a Big 10 invite. Lol


This is old info and doesn’t revalue the four schools coming to the BigXII


According to that graph, 4-6 Big 12 schools should go to the PAC.


That makes sense, we have been getting minimum payouts via the AAC while our B12 counterpoints have been getting big bread from the Big 12 for decades.

I don’t see how anyone can look at Baylor, Tech, & Houston and think we’re not as valuable or more of an investment.

Half the “Best of the Big 12 / Pac 12” ideas I see have UH listed. So that must be a good sign

From an article from a 2018 WSJ and referenced in numerous message board posts as facts.

So I need an explainer here. Based on this chart…How in the heck even now it’s the PAC 12 contact not going to be substantially better than the Big 12’s? Total value is 25% higher and average value is nearly 40% higher.

I know it’s not that only metric but this presented evidence says not only do we sprint to the PAC if invited we lock the other 11 inside the house and start a fire if asked

Yeah A LOT has changed since 2018.


I think it has to do with the fact that most PAC-12 schools, including its biggest brands, are located in a time zone that many Americans can’t stay up late enough to watch, and that affects their ratings/live streaming eyeballs.

I don’t think that’s really accurate if you figure that UH’s and Cincinnati’s revenues and expenses are largely coming from a conference that makes an average of maybe 50 million less than the others.


Of course, which is why I said that this chart illustrates just how much relegation to the G5 has cost us over the years!!!

Hopefully, our brand value will grow significantly starting in 2023.

Duke as the least valuable brand in the ACC - third least valuable brand in the P5 and less valuable than UCF - is also interesting.

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