A Democrat Congressman Staffers Attacked With a Bat

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Tribalism will.lead to more of this, especially when politicans fan the flames and use “war” rhetoric, constituents will take them literally.


and those guys instigating will never get their hands dirty, they’re cowards. let somebody else take the fall. right wing talking heads always talking about how American is being destroyed. Dylan Roof std he did his crime because he saw that nobody was doing a thing about it. Folks need to stop listening to those idiot cowards.


“Oh, but both sides do it.”

Don’t they?

My perception is it’s more one sided. But would like to see your statistical data to
see if my perception is way off. We’d probably need to look at least 50 to 100 recent
incidents to get an idea. By recent, I’m saying in the last 8 years. I’ll try to look later to
find some data, but please share what you have if you’ve seen something recently.

Edit…what I’ve found so far.

What is occurring today does not resemble this recent past. Although incidents from the left are on the rise, political violence still comes overwhelmingly from the right, whether one looks at the Global Terrorism Database, FBI statistics, or other government or independent counts.3 Yet people committing far-right violence—particularly planned violence rather than spontaneous hate crimes—are older and more established than typical terrorists and violent criminals. They often hold jobs, are married, and have children. Those who attend church or belong to community groups are more likely to hold violent, conspiratorial beliefs.4 These are not isolated “lone wolves”; they are part of a broad community that echoes their ideas.

Two subgroups appear most prone to violence. The January 2021 American Perspectives Survey found that white Christian evangelical Republicans were outsized supporters of both political violence and the Q-Anon conspiracy, which claims that Democratic politicians and Hollywood elites are pedophiles who (aided by mask mandates that hinder identification) traffic children and harvest their blood; separate polls by evangelical political scientists found that in October 2020 approximately 47 percent of white evangelical Christians believed in the tenets of Q-Anon, as did 59 percent of Republicans.5 Many evangelical pastors are working to turn their flocks away from this heresy. The details appear outlandish, but stripped to its core, the broad appeal becomes clearer: Democrats and cultural elites are often portrayed as Satanic forces arrayed against Christianity and seeking to harm Christian children.

Not really sure of this source; never used it before

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We currently have one on here. When you constantly paint the other side as unholy, non human, anti religious, anti moral, sub human, of course these are the results. The constant vile makes the deplorables think they need to act, and are justified in acting violent. The internet trolls like Pepperseed stoke the flame but don’t want to be blamed for the fire


You don’t keep up with the death threat count, apparently. Insane.

James Hodgkinson, a left-wing extremist with a record of domestic violence, opened fire with a rifle during a baseball practice of the Republican team for the annual Congressional Baseball Game.

A transgender Tennessee mass shooter executed three adults and three 9-year-old children at a Nashville, Tennessee, private Christian school.

Those are recent examples which resulted in deaths. It would take hours for me to include examples of death threats, violence and vandalism. Maybe YOU should keep up.

The argument isn’t that there is no left-wing violence. It’s that the data clearly shows that incidents of right-wing violence far exceeds and outpaces left-wing violence. Welcome to reality.


I respectfully disagree. For months Antifa ravaged entire areas with looting and arson, incidents were laughably referred to as “mostly peaceful.” For starters.

I believe the discussion was about politically motivated violence not property damage. If you’re equating the loss of insured retail items and properties with the actual loss of life then you’ve lost the plot.

Me: The data shows that right-wing exterminate are killing more folks than left-wing extermists.

You: I doubt that…Left-wingers looted a Target once.

Me: ok…???


You need perspective here. The BLM protests may have been the largest in our history in
total numbers. Estimates range from 15-26 million people participated.

Number of people in U.S. who said they protested, according to polls

Kaiser Family Foundation (n = 1296) 10% 26 million June 8-14
Civis Analytics (4446) 9% 23 million June 12-22
N.O.R.C. (1310) 7% 18 million June 11-15
Pew (9654) 6% 15 million June 4-10

Note: Surveys are of the adult population in the United States

And the avalanche of death threats. Of course those don’t count because there’s no follow through never mind the resultant trauma that its victims endure ongoing. And as if “we all know” when they are real versus simply theats.

Thanks for actually pulling out “the one guy” at the baseball game. The for sure go to. Insane. But that “one guy” was canceled out by the actual republican candidate in New Mexico who went on a shoot’em up against his political opponents. Maybe the sand was too convenient for you when that story broke.

The trans shooter in Nashville. That is a bigggg reach to lay that at the feet of being politically inspired. But it’s another go to.

Are you familiar with the patriot stopped in Indiana with a stockpile of assault-style weapons in his trunk on his way to goa Fauci huntin’.

Maybe because it was so long ago, last fall, that the minion crowd went ballistic on the FBI.

Just pulling these off the top of my head without finding more with easy research.

All of these above and below, Trump inspired.

But death threats don’t count of course. It’s just good ol cosplay. Threats against elected officials, judges, national archive workers, journalists, election officials, et al. It’s just the American way. Legitimate political discourse, of course.

As Olutrain mentioned, quite a bit of difference between property violence (sorry that the relatively benign Ferguson and Baltimore protests didn’t wake the nation up) vs attempted violence and violence against persons, and threats to them and even their offspring. Beheading I think it was in Kinzingers case.

But you’ve got the baseball game shooter. Are there any left over souvenir tshirts still available? It’s the “one guy”? How many years ago? Inspired by who? How about T. McVeigh?

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I’d also point you to this paper. It notes that the call for violence is rising on the left too.
But it is predominantly an extreme right method to this point. If nothing else, at least
read the conclusion summary.


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