A Democrat for Judge in Fort Bend County


All those voting in Fort Bend County need to vote for UH Law Center LL.M grad, and my brother by another Mother, Surendran K. Pattel, for 240th District Court Judge.


He was a longtime protege of my Dad, and served as a pallbearer at his funeral.

True story: after my Dad died, he told my Mother it was the first time he had known the love of a Father, as he was estranged from his own. After he failed to patch things up with his Father, and his Father passed, he came back from India after his Father’s funeral, and asked my Mother if, from then on out, he could regard my Dad…as HIS Dad. My Mom said absolutely!

A good family man, patriotic American, and skilled lawyer, he’ll bring honesty and integrity to the bench.


Cool story…is he for the revolving door policy on crime…just asking because Harris county has been ruined by liberal judges…just asking…serious question because that is my focus this election…that said I vote in Harris county

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As his campaign slogan says…FIRM ON LAW…FAIR ON JUSTICE.


You being a prosecutor…are you aware with what’s happening in Harris county…just wondering as the topic has come up and I’ve never seen your take


In Washington County, my boss, Julie Renken…could be thought of in this way:

as Antichrist is to Christ…she is to Kim Ogg.

Shes the anti christ?

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Yeah I’m going to side with you on this analogy that’s how he’s got it worded. I’m assuming he’s trying to say his boss is the Christ to her Anti-Christ. But where’s the fun in that? I think it’s more fun to make fun of him calling his boss an Anti-Christ.

My boss would be the “anti-Ogg.” Just as Christ’s ultimate opposite is the “Antichrist.”

Not sure what part of that was hard to understand.

Seems like a pretty straightforward analogy.

Antichrist is to Christ…as my boss is to Ogg.

Not sure which part is unclear or ambiguous.

That said…NO ONE is claiming that Ogg is Christ. FAR FROM IT!!!

I’m just trying to explain that my boss would be the ULTIMATE opposite of Ogg, in the same way that the Antichrist is the ULTIMATE opposite of Christ.

Got it

The direct analogy here is Antichrist:Christ as Julie Renken:Kim Ogg. I get what you’re trying to do you just didn’t do your SAT analogy correctly here.

One set needs to flip or your boss is on the Antichrist line of the analogy though you are still saying the same thing of her being the polar opposite.


We need more like your boss. What is your take on letting all Marijuana convicts off the hook?

I wouldn’t.

If people want to change the law and make pot legal, fine.

But that shouldn’t result in prior convicted law breakers getting a free pass.

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I don’t think that the order matters.

The logic is still the same.

Each is the ultimate opposite of the other.

I agree, they knew they were breaking the law. Whats next if we let those off? Anyone who stole less than $700?

To make a point? Nah the order doesn’t matter we all knew what you were trying to do. Just good for a little chuckle at your expense, because it’s clear you at the very least have a lot of respect and regard for your boss and not so much for Ogg. Which is cool, just makes it a little amusing when the direct correlations weren’t ideal.


We all knew what you meant, but you definitely called your boss the antichrist.


What do you think of Abbott commuting this guys sentence:

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott commutes sentence of Thomas Whitaker minutes before execution | The Texas Tribune” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott commutes sentence of Thomas Whitaker minutes before execution | The Texas Tribune

Actually, I called her the Antiogg!!!