A football challenge!

Can we go the rest of the week without blaming attendance, recruiting, global warming, etc. on CDH? We lose Saturday, I’ll be carrying the first pitchfork. Let’s just play a game though.


This comment was about 45 minutes prior to your post . . . . .


Please please please don’t let Dana ruin this with his incompetence. The crowds are starting to come back because of the Big 12.

Ok, I will go ahead and put it on here. I think bowl eligibility is a reasonable expectation for this year. Anything less and… well, I won’t say it. Ha ha!


What is really confusing is that this game is supposedly a toss up yet some Coog fans (term applied loosely) are predicting us to lose. I mean, they wont even give the edge to their own school in a toss up game. Talk about stinkin’ thinkin’


If it were up to Coog fans then we would blame CDH for the Big 12 snub in 1996, Briles/Sumlin/Herman leaving, and the bad hires of Levine/Applewhite/Dimel/Helton.

…and if we win… we SHOULD take UTSA’s spot int he polls which is around #28

Certainly it is more rational to blame global climate change on Holgorsen rather than anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 but okay, fine.