A lot of y’all owe Tramon Mark an Apology

Idk why people attack players to begin with. But that is just me.


I don’t GAF who has whatever. Let’s just respect TRAMON MARK stepping up when it matter. Legend.


Tramon March*

Fixed it for you.



Tramon March returned tonight

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Tramon Mark GATA

Tramon is best when the chips are down, or at least late in the game. I’ll never forget Rutgers. He just seems to play better the higher the stakes. I too see him as more reserved. I like that about him.


This is completely true.

Good thing CKS didn’t retire yet huh?

His old a$$ style of play even worked……imagine that.


Ok dikk, I saw others call you a troll and just looked past it because you had some posts I agreed with and even rec’d some……

When I saw the CKS needing to retire comment I thought you were just over baked in the moment of a tense game……so I just gave you a hard time…

But after this post? I guess I have to agree with the others that have called you out as a troll….not really any coming back from that one….please don’t try and say you were kidding.

The Bama board is about 700 miles East……


I said before that Mark has all the tools to become the star and has shown it in the past but has not been playing to his potential. Today he shined. I have always supported Mark and know he could do better. He proved that today.

Appreciate the love! Also, I don’t understand about your comment above. Wouldn’t a troll be joking around? Why are you recommending the Bama board. I’m sorry, perhaps I should be more serious. I come to this page because know one else is this passionate about the coogs. Give Dikk another chance. He’ll do anything for love.

Also, you’ll notice that today I decided not to attempt to cause a ruckus in the game thread by instigating people.

mark is one of my favorites because he doesn’t do a lot of antics. he quietly tries to do what his coach asks him to do. very rare to see him pound his chest. and, oh that free throw shooting! that was exquisite.


There was another resurgence last night…

Funk had a resurgence on the basketball forum… :rofl::rofl::rofl:



+140 for 12
+160 for 14
+200 for 16

He was pacing himself. LOL

Damn right I did!!!

That was my “noche alba”, my “opening night on Broadway,” my coming out party. NTTAWWI


That’s crazy….you should have gotten +400 for a player to score 6.5 above his average.

At least you got paid.

You may stay for the avatars alone

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included in the meaning for “showed out” now: Tramon Mark !