A&M paying for #1 class

Might have been reported but anyway

They said it’s above board vs the old days of under the table but it seems suspect.

Read this last week.

Apparently it is very highly coordinated with the boosters.
A$M becoming the Yankees of MLB……trying to buy a championship.


So $25M is the going rate for a #1 rated class.
Better get their money’s worth or it will be a harder sell on the alumni next year when the rate goes to$30M.


This is old news. Please lock thread.

Don’t need to lock the thread. Let people discuss.

But things like this will force NCAA to change the rules really fast. Idk what they can do it’s so hard to monitor. But I do believe it’s not supposed to be part of the sales pitch. Like “sign with us and we will give you x amount of money” .Same way Memphis got Bates and Duren. Things are going to get interesting. But at the end of the day you have to play and money can’t buy you wins. NIL has still been really big for smaller schools. Now that players can make money no matter where they go they are really focusing on where they are comfortable


NO ONE does money whipping better than Ags.

Shocker. No offense OP but it’s legal now. When Texas shows up it will be ‘hold my beer’ time.


How exactly does this work though? Their boosters are just handing the kids money? Isn’t that still illegal? Or are they tied to some advertising deal? I thought NIL was supposed to be making money to use their name, image and likeness.

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This is why the gags will always be an 8 and 4 team. There are things higher than slinging money around.

For the love of money is the root of all evil
I Timothy 6:10


This is why I believe this NIL is the beginning of the end of CFB as we knew it.

I am not saying CFB will die but it will transform into something that I am not as interested in watching. It will almost by default create a Super League of the deeper pockets.

A new generation might like it because it is all they know - just like my Dad with the 1950s / 60s college and pro sports.


I have zero faith the NCAA can fix this. They can’t even pry ESPN’s hands off the national championship. I fear the NCAA has truly lost its power way back.

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Meh, not much to see here. This has been happening for years and now it’s all out in the open. Big money program will do big money things.

This will get some pushback from other big programs in due time. For the rest of us, it doesn’t change much.

had my Aggie buddy over last night for the game and this NIL got brought up.

apparently TexAgs has an option when you pay for your membership to add extra for an NIL fund that they created for all Aggie athletics.

gotta hand it to them, they are running with this whole NIL thing and it appears to be paying off for them.

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Is it? How many conference and national championships have they had in the last 10 years?

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This means the annual football budget increases by $25 mil approximately for any school wanting to compete on even terms with TAM . Of course, it only increases the amount that differs from what they were paying before so it night be less than a $25 mil bump.
Eventually more schools boosters will start paying additional money in order to get the #1 class. At some point the entire recruiting process will cost the schools more money. This is merely an increased money transfer from donors to players and will go up to the level each school can afford

Just think.

All that money.

NO Top 25 finish.



It’s no business of yours how Aggie boosters use the images of large young men, as long as it’s in the privacy of their own homes.


You do realize NIL has only been around for less than a year right? And in that short period of time they’ve managed to buy the highest rated recruiting class ever.

So yeah, I’d say it’s working out quite well.


I love the “same as it ever was” and the “whelp, they didn’t win a national title” posts.

This isn’t the same as targeting a few recruits with under the table benefits. This is structured pay for all players.

It is changing the landscape of college athletics and a&m is writing the manual on it.

Like it or not, they’ve been sniffing around real close to making the playoff the last couple of seasons. They may not win the big one, but it’s a safe bet to say they have secured a very reasonable chance at continued top ten rankings.


Can you imagine in the future having to have a salary cap or luxury tax in the NCAA…SMH


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