A New Disturbance in the Force


The new subscription comes over a year after Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, purchased the invite-only dating app The League, which targets “ambitious, career-oriented singles.” That app costs users up to $1,000 a week.

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Inflation , LOL !

The League is definitely out of my league at $1,000/week. If I were still in the
dating thing. But it’s fascinating to consider there are those with that much disposable income,
who are interested in meeting like well funded others. Just wow. The high tech version of
the uber expensive and super selective club I guess. Or is better to think of this thing
not so much as a dating app but more of an exclusive swingers club ?

Not going to be many elementary school teachers in that league.


Gets rid of a lot of riff raff.

As a charter member of Club Riff Raff I’m deeply offended by that statement.

I guess maybe someone could save up for a
3 week membership for only $3,000 and meet
quality like members. It’s probably not as ridiculous as I initially thought. Been awhile
since dating was a focus and primary pursuit in my life, so the sticker shock of that really hit.

Seems today it sure is easy to offend someone.

Then, again, I enjoy offending people.

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Seems to me the League is doing a great service for a certain type of lady who wants to find men with lots of money and not enough sense not to waste it on certain type of ladies

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Kyle Bass: Wall Street is more interested in maki…: https://youtu.be/Sts2dh4NTTc

Our base is U.S. will go into a recession by midd…: https://youtu.be/JZ6KzOs_85s

holy crap, its a penny stock now.

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This is what started the entire thread way back when

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24-min. interview with excellent investor Howard Marks — worth a listen, imo

It’s watchable at 2X if you want to cut it to 12 mins.

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Don’t think it’s anymore than an abberation. Probably market manipulation as the last week they were pumping oil at between $100 & $150 then the bottom drops.

Tudor Jones was on Squawk Box this morning. Spent a lot of time on Federal Debt. Funny line was about 23% credit card rates. “Loan sharks are starting to look like Mother Theresa”.

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Interesting, Tudor Jones said the bond market has taken over rate control from the Fed. However, in checking CD rates today, I had a hard time finding anything over 5.5%. Since MM are currently pushing 5%, there isn’t much value locking in for .5%

Oh, another big Chinese property developer just defaulted.

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China is Enron.

China's Rich Are Secretly Moving Cash Overseas Amid Uncertain Economy.