A/P and Coaches polls?

With the playoff poll that came out do they do away with the above polls? I would be curious to see where we would be ranked today? I would guess is around 16-17

My guess for the Playoff poll I can see us getting in at 23 and Cincinnati will drop to 7 after their showing yesterday

Not expecting to move up. We may even drop depending on whether or not voters choose to mirror the CFP rankings. Anything above 22 I’m fine with. 23-25 would be disrespectful given where we were a week ago. Outside the rankings and we should be in the streets with pitchforks ready to raise hell.

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ESPN has us at 15 in their power poll


The AP poll is still around but it is not recognized till after the bowl season.

The playoff committee ranking is the one they use for the playoff 4 and for the New Year 6 Bowls.

The AP and Coaches poll have no influence right now.

Stinky Rodent bringin heat fo reals!

Not ranking us fits the narrative

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Only team i could see us jumping in the AP or Coaches is Kentucky, but you have to worry about teams behind you as well. We’ll be lucky if we can just hold at 19/20.

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You think Kentucky would jump us after losing at home to an unranked team?

That seems unlikely.


No the other way around. I could see us jumping them.



Ah, my bad. No caffeine yet. :upside_down_face:

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The big brands will always get preference in rankings. The fix has been in for a long time. I’ve been a Coog since I transferred in in 1979. One thing I’ve learned regarding UH is not to expect much respect

Tulsa has played 4 ranked teams.

They lost 28-23 at Oklahoma State. They led at end of 3rd quarter.

They lost 41-20 at Ohio State but they led twice in that game and it was a single score game with 16 minutes left.

They lost 28-20 at Cincinnati but they never led and trailed by 3 scores after 3 quarters.

Of course, we beat the living snot out of them. It was 35-3 after 3.


at their place !

As much as I like this guys ranking for UH, UTSA #4? That would be funny for UTSA and Cincinnati to be in the invitational and not Bama OSU etc.


I’ll expect Alabama to drop a few spots after squeaking one out over a 4-4 LSU.

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The guy has the Ponies still in the top 25 and they lost to Memphis. Likely falling out of the top 25.

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I want some of what RJ is drinking. Haha


No doubt they’re the squirreliest team in the country. Lost to UC Davis and then battled a T-15 team on the road the next week. They’ll probably beat SMU at the end of the year but lose to Tulane next week. Total crapshoot.