A perfect 10-0: UH escapes Saint Louis for second-best start in school history

Get your heart medicine renewed, Coogs

“We’re going to be in a lot of close games,” Sampson said. “I don’t see us as a team that is going to be blowing a lot of people out. We’re going to have to fight and claw for just about everything we get.”


4. Entering Sunday, the Cougars ranked 19th out of 351 Division I schools in field-goal percentage defense, holding opponents to 37.7 percent shooting. Saint Louis finished the game at 36.7 percent. UH also controlled the boards (41-35). On the flip side, Sampson said the Cougars have areas that need improvement. UH shot just 72 percent on free throws (18 of 25) and committed 14 turnovers. “We’re not a great team yet,” Sampson said. “A long way from it.”


“When you have good shooters, you want them to keep shooting,” Houston coach Kelvin Sampson said. “Corey made a 105 3-pointers last year. At the end of the day, everything will even out. … Corey made some huge ones tonight.”

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“Just because our record says 10-0,we didn’t all of a sudden become Duke,” said Houston Head Coach Kelvin Sampson after the game. “We’re a team that’s going to have scratch, fight, and claw for the things we get. Sometimes people get records confused for how good a team is. We’re a team that’s still evolving. We aren’t a great team, yet. We’re a long way away from it. Having to call a timeout, draw something up, execute it, get a big stop, a rebound, a loose ball, and make the right play… the more you do that, the better prepared you are for close games. We won’t be blowing a lot of people out. We’re going to fight and claw for everything we get.”



Posted it in the Gameday Thread, but in case you missed it:


I love how Coach Sampson refuses to allow this team to rest on its current success. With him at the head, the sky is the limit for our program.


At what point should I be concerned about this stat? Even the Lamar game did not have a good 3P %:


I know, if Corey gets going, this will start to look better.

We have played against some top rated, tough defensive teams in Fertitta and they are committing to take away the 3 point open looks. That means that someone will have to penetrate effectively and score in order to get the defense to back off of the 3 point line. [Note: I think that will be Deeky later this season.]

Also, this stat tends to balance out over the course of the season, and depends on who is shooting the 3’s. As CKS told Corey (one of our better shooters) - just keep shooting!

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Who’s big Willy?

I agree that we’ve played some good defensive teams and the averages will even out over the course of the season, but we have also missed a ton of open looks. Those were looks that Corey and Armoni didn’t miss last year. I know both of those guys will come around though and it’s fantastic that we are finding ways to win even when those guys are missing shots.

That backwards dunk was sick.

I worry about that stat because we have been missing some wide open shots at Fertitta. I think we just have to get used to it.

In the history of college hoops, the best all-time career 3 point % shooters have been Steve Kerr @ 45.4%; Hubert Davis @ 44.1%; Stephen Curry @ 43.8% and Drazen Petrovic @ 43.7%. It seems to me that we just need Corey and Armoni and Galen to shoot ~40% to win consistently.

I don’t disagree at all. Armoni’s average so far this season is a bit deceiving. He’s shooting .411 from 3, but he’s shooting much better away than he is at home, and I’m including the games at HP&E as away games. For example, Armoni put up the following 3 point numbers in home games (Ferttita Center) so far this year:

Oregon 6-13
Lamar 3-10
LSU 3-11
St. Louis 1-7

With the lone exception of Oregon (even then, AB made 4 of his 6 threes in the first half), he has shot very poorly at home.

Corey has his 3 point average up to a respectable .333 (thanks in large part to his 3-5 yesterday), but we all acknowledge he’s struggling by his standards this year.

I have no doubt both of those guys will be back to their normal selves at some point this season, but it’s been streaky at best so far.