A preview of District 19-6A HS football

19-6A to me is like the SEC or B1G of Texas HS football.

Katy Paetow (last year’s 5A champion)
Tompkins (12 wins last year)

And the rest of Katy ISD…NINE teams total.

And the newcomer: Katy Jordan…my neighborhood’s school in Cinco Ranch II.



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I played for and still follow Katy closely. The addition of Paetow makes this as good as any in the state. That’s three forces in the district with Tompkins and a couple others in Taylor and Cinco fighting for a playoff spot.
Katy is bringing back some firepower on offense but be interesting to see if they can stay at the same level of dominance on defense as they have had in the past.
Wish we would take a look at Seth Davis.

Not too far away Ridge Point is going to be absolutely loaded for bear. The Panthers will be a force but unfortunately lost their heir apparent quarterback, a guy the coaches had been grooming for two years, to a private school in Houston. He is not a very popular guy in the neighborhood these days.

I didn’t know Paetow moved up to 6A. I figured they would but thought it would take another year or two.

All nine Katy High Schools, including the newest (Jordan, to which my neighborhood is zoned) are now in one 6-A district.

As I said…it’s almost like the SEC of Texas HS football!!!

Forget Odessa Permian and Midland Lee…that’s YESTERDAY’S news.

19-6A is today’s true Texas HS football SUPER-DISTRICT!!! Its winner should automatically be considered a 6A state title contender.

I never got into high school football growing up. I think it’s because our school always sucked. lol

I feel you. Personally the part ofTexas HS football that I find most interesting is the fact that it’s like a real time regional census model. You see which places in Texas are growing or shrinking as the schools are moved up or moved down. Or zonings shout as a new school opens up to accommodate growth.
Weird I know, but I find it fascinating.

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