A question for the lawyers

I used to think this was correct. True the NCAA did not create this mess, but it does have the power to stop it - or more rightfully the member schools have the power to use the NCAA to stop it.

People need to read the actual statement by the courts. It does not authorize paying players whatever they want to. More focused on just the right to earn fair pay outside of school. ie work part time.

The NCAA does have rules on the books about paying players to sign with a school that the court statement does not contradict. The NCAA can punish a player for receiving impermissible funds such as $100,000 to sent a tweet when that amount is no where near market value for that type of name use. They simple have to check if the players did fair market value to earn their payments. If the player earned a fair value for an autograph session, that would not be preventable/punishable by NCAA.

An easy scale can be set up based upon market values. Things like that exists for advertising already.


this is total nonsense the NCAA has no power to stop any of this any longer unless they want to be drug into endless court cases that they will lose

the NCAA has no power to regulate the amount of pay from any entity outside of the university or the reason for that pay being given

the NCAA is treading on thin ice as it is with the transfer rules and and anything that they try and do to tighten them back up will just get them drug onto court and they will lose and the rules will be further weakened

the NCAA has no power or ability to assign “fair market value” to anything that is total nonsense

and players being employees is not the answer either unless you want things to further blow up and you are in the mood to see universities involved in endless lawsuits over “employee behavior” quickly followed by lawsuits that try and claim that those that are on campus to play with a ball are employees, but are somehow exempt from all laws and rules that “regular employees” have to deal with and thus you cannot punish them, hold them accountable for anything, or put any types of requirements on them for behavior or performance or academics

there seems to be an endless lack of understanding about what “restraint of trade” and “collusion” and “monopolistic behaviors” are combined with a complete inability to understand the most basic of employment laws

at this point congressional action is the only thing that would be able to do anything, but no one with common sense or a functioning brain thinks that congress getting involved would make things better

academics is the one thing that the NCAA could have used to reign this in, but academics and college athletics went out the window a long time ago when playing sports became a way for many that can barely read and write at a level of grade 6 to manage to get some college credits or perhaps even a degree

when that started to happen was the time to stop it, but that is probably 4 decades or more in the past and trying to to so now would result in many more endless lawsuit so the NCAA is going to watch it all burn down because there is no other choice for them and when it all burns down perhaps it can be rebuilt in a better way

the only other option id somehow forcing the NFL into a minor league situation combined with the NCAA enforcing academics and using academic performance as the tool to make college sports be more about college and not a minor league system funded by regular college students (with UH being one of the worst offenders in that regard)

Except they are not employees

Maybe the NFL should start up a “minor” league, or several, just as in baseball. Draft kids out of high school into the leagues, named after the towns in which the teams reside. Limit the # of teams to may 16 or 32. Left over kids get recruited by Universities/Colleges into their respective conferences. Don’t know if this would be feasible, but might slow down some of the buying of players. Just a thought.

I fully understand they are not employees
but many people do not understand what a disaster it would be if they were employees

it would be endless lawsuits for the universities and it would be a massive number of players (a number of which should not be on a college campus now) being kicked out of school and off campus
but an endless number of people think that somehow they would be a “different type” or a “different classification” of employee and not subjected to all of the employment laws

NFL’s not going to do that–they’d have to spend money. It’s free now.

I agree with this statement that it would be a disaster for them to be employees.

How does a ut law grad get in the officiating crew for any Big 12 games , especially ones involving ut ?