A Top Arts Destination

Today, the presence of world-class works of art inject color and creativity at all of the UH System universities. And now more than ever, groups of both novices and aficionados are still coming – embarking on tours of these campus treasures.

“Our Public Art Collection has been a hidden gem in Houston for too long, and it’s time our community and city understand what we have here,” said Mike Guidry, curator of Public Art of the University of Houston System.

Last fall, the UH System embarked on a series of outdoor public art tours. The lunch-hour art walks are scheduled for the first Friday of each month and visitors can learn the unique story of each piece and the artist who created it. From Carlos Cruz-Diez’s sculpture “Double Physichromie” to Luis Jimenez’s “Fiesta Dancers,” there is plenty to see.


Not sure I get the “Folly” art work…but maybe it’s something that has to be seen
to be appreciated.

The other for the new medical school sounds interesting. Not sure
where the limestone wall that’s mentioned is at. The picture leads you
to believe it may be the front entry wall…but that seems a bit strange to
me to install “permanent light sculpture ”.

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These are some of his works and some of his commissions at other campuses. Idk if it’ll look anything like this i don’t think it will so don’t get your hopes up. I re read the article and it states in the center within the building so i believe it’ll be inside that same wall. It might also be on the opposite side since it states it can reflect light as well. But it should be a beautiful piece nonetheless.


Thanks. Those are impressive; was not familiar with his work.

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I don’t know why this brought me to look for the sculpture that was in the courtyard of
the old UC atrium, but it did. Found this interesting note about it.

Texas artist Bob Fowler built the statue for the University in 1966. He died in November 2010.

“Bob used to come out once a year and clean it,” Griswold said. “That’s what it really needs, yearly maintenance.”

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