A UH Football Video that gets you hyped!

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Deja vu-ing on last year - First game against OU. We stayed downtown and took the tram to
the stadium. I noticed some OU folks taking the train and then started to hear the COOGS Chant and the COOGS were everywhere. I was so proud to see our guys simply overwhelm the OU fans with spirit and voice. It was startling and a moving experience.

Then we got to the stadium. I got 50 yard seats but in the OU section. Honestly, you could tell they were stunned by the COOG crowd. It was a moment to remember.

My Gawd but this year is important. We have a chance to make UH the TEAM in the city of Houston once again. It’s been a long time coming. GO COOGS!!!


VERY cool. I’m fired up.

Great production, but had to turn it off… too much vermin.

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Isn’t this last years video?

Yes, this is definitely the video from last year. It is still a great video!

I think it would be cool (i.e. less talking, more football) if they updated this classic with some recent highlights and leave out all coaches except Yeoman (and maybe Pardee): 2009 Intro

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I really like the 2009 video. I’d love to see elements of that brought back.

My fav. Freshman year :fist:t4:

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My favorite…