AAC Bowl Futility

Temple absolutely demolished.




Does anyone still want to come on here and claim this is a good football conference this year? It’s a one-team show. Full stop.

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Who is that team ?

They have not played yet !

I have been saying that for some time. Not well received by the scarlet covered glass set.

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Yea…UCF can still blow up.

Tulane and Willie Fritz getting it done.


Temple played a pretty good 1st half. Had nothing for the Blue Devils in the 2nd half. Maybe lack of halftime adjustments by Temple. Duke shut them down completely in the 2nd half. Temple may have been at least somewhat affected by loss of HC to Georgia Tech. Not sure how many of Temple’s original staff coached the bowl game.

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Yes, I was thinking this same thing watching Temple get trucked in the second half of their game.

If the AAC is worth $7.5 mil next TV deal, P5 conferences are going to want 10 time that based on this year’s bowl record so far.

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How about we propose a little rule change next year? P5 teams must play without their head coach and at least one Coordinator. The other coordinator can coach in the game but must take two weeks off from practice.

That should even the odds.



Post of the year, Timmy!!!

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Miami had all of their coaches but played like they hadn’t practiced at all. I wonder if 'Canes fans are blaming it on Diaz’s job hunting?

Canes fans (roughly 70% displaced NYer’s) are pretty snarky. They can flame The U with the best of them.
Miami sports radio should be delicious this week.

In fairness to Temple their head coach had left them before the game. USF was never very good and Memphis lost the best runner in college this year. But then if Ed Oliver had played for us it is unlikely that Army would have scored 70. So the old saying is true "If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, we would all have had a merry Christmas.


What has the Pac 12 done in bowls this year?

Bowls are meaningless exhibition games. Records in them do not equate to conference strength in a meaningful way outside of perception by folks who still mistakenly, or are paid to, believe in them.

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Exactly. Bowl games are garbage. They didn’t even care enough to try and continue the First Responders Bowl. These games should not count against red shirt status and should not be held as some measure of success against a program/coach.

If it’s not the playoff what’s the point.



Agreed, the only bowls that matter are NY6 bowls and the playoffs. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Then why do they matter to the winning team?