AAC Bowl Futility

Playoffs? I prefer the ESPN-Alabama Invitational Tournament.

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ESPN probably thinks the bowls matter when people are turning their TV’s off at halftime.

Because they won😎

Add UCF to the list of losers …

They have been living on the edge of disaster/survival/THE VOID … for several games now …

Unless LSU comes down with bad shrimp before the game … then UCF will go down badly BUT with a nice $$paycheck$$ to take home …

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How does our conference going down in bowl flames affect Aresco’s negotiating position

“I know our only team to win a bowl was Tulane but let me show you what we bring to the table”

That would be one hell of a sales pitch.
Most bowl games do matter to the coaches, the players, the fans, the university’s receiving their payout, etc.
Those that think they are unimportant are the fans of losing teams, fans that wannabe like some other fans who win regularly (I.e. Alabama) or are playing in lower level bowl games defined by personal interest. I.e. The First Responders Bowl sucked but when it was the Ticket City Bowl and we beat Penn State it was awesome and considered a critical win in Cougar football history.


Teams spend three weeks preparing to showcase their schools to the country. Bowls have always mattered.


I believe our whole conference gets a piece of the NY6 earnings…not just UCF.


Isn’t that true with any bowl appearance in that the conference mates receive a portion of the earnings?

All the bowl earnings for every team minus travel expenses go into a pool that is then divided evenly to all conference members. The NY6 IIRC has a $4M payout to the G5 school (the A5 get $6M per). That minus UCF’s travel will go to all conference members.

The there is a TV revenue distribution (~$84M) made to all G5 conferences on a per conference basis to be evenly distributed to those teams.

Edit: this is pennies on the dollar to what the A5 conferences get.

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Bowls do not matter that much, you beat Florida State bad and you get beat down by Army. One win, “the other team didn’t show up”, one loss, “you are terrible.”

With the TV negotiations, this is a bad year to have a bad bowl season.

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ESPN: “You sucked it up during our crucial holiday schedule…who’s gonna tune in to see that crap next year?”

Aresco: Bowls don’t matter. Look at our composite OOC performance."


I bet so.

That is only the case if you actually give a $&@t what the talking heads have to say. I, for one, could care less about the opinions of the so called experts.

If the “experts” say no P5 for you, will you care?

The 2015 Peach Bowl set us up to vault into the top 10 after we beat OU in 2016. If we hadn’t won vs FSU, we probably are not ranked or maybe ranked 22-25 and the win over OU moves us up to 11-14 imo. So bowls matter. Win against a bad team and OK, you won, lose against a bad team and you get no respect the next year. Win against a good team and you get respect the next year, lose to a good team and it’s like a draw in boxing if you play well and lose. Get blown out by a good team, and you get no respect to start the next year. Purdue, Miami, and UH will be the Rodney Dangerfield’s of CFB next year. Any respect will have to be earned. We start with 0.

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I will do everything I can to support our inclusion in a power conference. However, I absolutely understand what I have control over and what I don’t.
So if the so called experts deem we are unworthy, I will not get mad. I will not stomp my feet. I will not call them names. I will not bitch. I will not cry. I will not unleash a tirad. I will not get depresssed.
I will acknowledge that they were what I thought they were, and I will continue to do what I can to support my university on what path we are then on.
Life is a bitch sometimes. When faced with adversity or defeat, you suck it up and go on confident in your mission.

I pray that you don’t get tested on this issue.

So do I.