AAC Championship Gameday Thread: #21 Houston @ #4 Cincinnati | 3PM CT | ABC

Weather forecast for Cincinnati for next Saturday: High of 44, low of 26; possible rain.

NOW Houston has a chance at a signature win! GO COOGS!


Our first real test, maybe we can prove ourselves

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50 years from now, I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren that we played in the Roof Claim championship game.


Go ahead and file this one in the UH archives. When all is said and done, this game thread is going to be one for the ages. Called it now and I’ll be here for it.

As a many decade longsuffering Coog fan all I can say is, please enjoy these moments in time. I’m optimistic that we will see more and more in the future, but age and wisdom tell me they don’t come that often in reality.


So Cincy posted a photo with three rings. They already looking past us. :face_with_monocle:

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this is the game where holgerson earn his title as an offensive genius…

cincy offense isnt that good… i think our defense can hold its own. This entire game will come to down to if we can score on cincy
if i wasn’t a houston fan, i think my answer would be no… but it’s just 1 game we need to win, Just 1…1 game between a legendary season and an “okay” season based on schedule strength … noting a win is “likely” a NY6 bowl vs a top 10 p5, and a loss is “likely” a g5 in a no-name bowl

we need to have like atleast 5 trick plays ready… every misdirection, trick. Statue of Liberty, fake kneel, fake collapse, “hidden player” plays needs to be considered… marcus jones is the only brake away speed player we have, create an offensive play where he get the ball in open field … this is such a huge game in defining holgs legacy here. if we come out running on 3rd and long and score 13pts all game id be so disappointed


I got a play!


lol might be unto something

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I made my ticket request. My wife and I are going to try and make it


The only thing I would add to this… We NEED to score at least once either special teams or defense.


I think if Houston scores more points than Cincinnati, we have a chance.


*checks flights

How’s McCaskill?

He’s good to go along with Dell and Williams per Dana

Possible chance Mutin plays, but no confirmation

This is our biggest game since OU in 2016

It’s been 5 years wow


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