AAC Championship Scenarios

I was surprised to read that SMU and ECU could be in the mix to play in the championship game.


Out of all these scenarios, I’d prefer Cincinnati lose 1 and have the CCG be at TDECU stadium in front of 40K screaming Cougar fans


Would season ticket holders get to get their regular seats?



That’s the way it worked last time, I believe.

There may be some sections that require ST holders to move, though.

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During the 2015 CCG, season ticket holders kept their regular seats for the most part. I think the conference requires that the CCG host make a certain number of premium seats available for the visitor, but this affects a small number of people. Given that the number of season tickets sold is down, it may not affect anyone at all.

ETA: To the extent UH makes premium seats available to a visiting CCG team, they will be on the visitor (north) side.

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It’s a pretty safe bet we will be playing in Cincinnati. What I think might surprise is the line, it will be closer than a lot of people think. Cincy has looked vulnerable.

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Yeah, I did have my normal seats for that game.

Why is it a safe bet we play in Cincinnati. SMU or East Carolina could beat them and they have a loss so they play at TDECU. Can always hope for that


Line predictions:

Houston +12 @ Cincinnati

  • or -

Cincinnati -6.5 @ Houston

Cincy will be tough if they play us. They may lose before that but they will always play us tough. Doesn’t matter where. We will need a flawless game.


Because Cincinnati will be favored in both of their remaining games.

I think that will shrink to around +6 Houston by game week.

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That game will come down to turnovers, field position and game management. Period.
Slobber Knocker.



Currently, UH and Cincy have played five common conference foes.

Adjusting for home field advantage (3 points), Houston has beaten those five teams by 22.2 points per game. Cincy has beaten them by 20.6 points per game.

Cincy will face SMU and ECU to close the season, making seven common foes. UH beat those seven by 17.0 points per game adjusted for home field. If Cincy does not blow either of them out, they will end up around 17 as well.

Bottom line, not much difference between how the #5 team and Houston handled the same conference slate.


We will beat Cincy.

Via Special Teams


I hope the game is here, but I’m also pricing out flights and hotels in Cincy.

Am I right on reading that the champ game is at 4pm ET on December 3rd?

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Game is on Dec 4

if in cincy, i recommend going, its one of my favorite campuses and i’ve been to noted campuses ND, stanford and washington amonhst many others. right on a hilltop overlooking cincy with stadium in the middle of campus, beautiful.

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SMU will beat them

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