AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco discusses value of bowl wins, battle to keep coaches

This was from before the Peach Bowl::


OS: What would a win mean for the conference?

Aresco: “I always look at these types of games for us to be competitive. I think that’s really important. We had the Temple-Notre Dame game a couple of years ago and they played their hearts out and almost won against a team that was ranked in the top ten. And it did a lot for the conference because I think people realized that we were really good. So win or lose, you want to be competitive.

“A win would be huge because it would validate so many of the things we’ve been trying to do over the years and I think it would put us in great position for the future. I keep saying that you have to look at our record. You look at what Houston’s done the last couple of years and you look at what UCF has done in the past. Those have to count for something.”

The AAC is a quality conference. When you combine basketball and football we are much closer to the P5’s than we are to the G4’s.

Now Aresco has to monetize this quality and get us a good TV contract and a permanent spot in a NY6 bowl. We are deserving of both.


Politics worked for Utah and to some extent Louisville.
ESPN is not our friend.


The article was BEFORE UCF beat Auburn. It would have had a lot more “weight” if they did the interview after. The same can be said about the “vanilla” questions.
What Aresco says today is news.
TV contracts:
The media controls what they will want to give us. We are a doormat for them. They made it clear with the way they covered non P5 and AAC members.