AAC ESPN 12 Year. $1Billion Media Deal

$83.3M per year. 4x better then previous annual $20M. Deal begins 20-21 sports season. Per school annual average will rise from $1.94M a year to $6.94M. AAC did not sign a grant of rights, which means we will continue to be allowed to switch conferences. Football games will now be on ABC and Espn. Basketball games will remain on ESPN networks and CBS. Go Coogs!


Ahhh. There is one small fly in the ointment. A lot of the conference games are going to ESPN+. That’s means if you want to watch our beloved Cougars, you’re going to be paying more for it.


Why not put P5 teams on there. I can guarantee they will pay for it…or will the bandwagon fans fall off???

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Huh! Say it again please

that’s a great deal and real boost of confidence for the conference. i’m quite sure espn has been watching the tv audience numbers before making that size of increase as espn has been losing viewers and revenues itself over the past few years.

ESPN may be kicking themselves if the hardwood Coogs keep on this tourney trend and are pulling in the numbers for CBS.

I think it’s an ok deal but the length seems abit. Here’s to hoping!

Too long. Not sure how Aresco got trapped on that. I guess he felt there was no alternative. If that pans out some of the other conferences could be pulling in dozens of millions more per school in that same time frame. ESPN got a steal.


Not quite the 10 to 15 million some were hoping for. No one should complain though because that is the max anyone is going to get as long as the top teams in the league have no buyout and are ready to bolt the moment any P5 comes calling. If Sampson gets the deal he deserves, ticket prices will definitely be going up in football and basketball to keep us from breaking $20 million a year in school subsidy.

Espnu, espnews, Espn+. I hope this isn’t our future.



I have ESPN+ and I do not have CBS Sports Network, so I am good with this deal. The TV exposure aspect is less relevant in 2019 IMO. Anyone (recruit or fan) who really wants to watch UH is going to be able to find their game.

They won’t be kicking themselves. They potentially get great rating numbers without having to give us $20 million like the P5 schools. it’s a bargain for them.


OK, so how does this amount per year, per school, compare with other non-P5 conferences?

Is it significantly more, or about the same?

CUSA just got $400k per school for a new deal, so this is 17.5x more than CUSA schools will get. I think the MWC currently makes about $1.1 million per school, so we’re about 6.5x that. The MWC contract expires next year, so we’ll see what they get. My guess is it’s half of this.

Can the numbers be massaged after our guys win the national championship in a few weeks?

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No one will ever convince me that on a yearly basis, Texas Tech is worth 30+ mil and UH is worth 6 mil.





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  1. You are worth what you have the leverage to negotiate.

  2. The price discrepancy is AAC broadcast rights vs B12 broadcast. ESPN isn’t negotiating individual deals with us and Tech. If us and Tech swapped conferences the media deals for both conferences would probably be roughly the same as they are now. Not sure why that matters though.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

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You’re right. I think the point was a commentary on value as a self-sustaining entity vs. value by affiliation.

In college sports your affiliations pay your bills…not always necessarily your results on the field.