AAC mid-season schedule

The west champion could be determined by week 10.
The east is in a four way tie and probably will not be decided until the final week.

Ya Woo Cougars!
Beat Navy.


At this point, if we beat Navy, Tulane, SMU and 1 other, we win the West. Win them all. Go Coogs.


we can lose to navy and still win the west…or beat navy and then you have a a loss to give without losing the west…assuming smu will lose to someone other than UH.
i want to win them all but there is a path to the west title even with a stumble .

having said that if we don’t win them all, we probably still get a BS bowl even if we beat ucf in the title game. we need to get our ranking up as high as possible and that means win em all.

Yep. It’s feast or famine in this league. Our only shot to play in a decent bowl is to win them all from here out. Otherwise it’s Frisco, TX here we come!

Thanks for this matrix.

As for the West race:
UH: hopefully Coogs get a W and have a 3-game lead over the two preseason picks to compete for the West. Tulane: has a must-win against SMU this week since they have Tulsa, USF and Houston on the road coming up.
SMU: seems to have it a little better with the tough competition at home (Cincy, UH, Memphis) and having only UConn and Tulsa on the road.

Despite their record, Tulsa is no easy out with their run game especially as their FR QB gets more experience. I am hoping they win out.