AAC Preseason Position Reviews: The final tally

Let’s take a look at how things played out!

Final Tally:

1. UCF- 28

T2. Houston- 23

T2. Temple- 23

4. Memphis- 22

5. SMU- 21

6. USF- 20

T7. Cincinnati- 18

T7. Tulsa- 18

9. Tulane- 17

10. Navy- 13

11. UConn- 11

12. ECU- 9

I honestly think we have the best team on paper. If the offensive line gels and improves, this could be a special year. All the pieces are there.


I am with you Coog51. If this team gels quickly with all the new faces and the offensive line is able to take advantage of Clement’s scheme, we are going to be really good.

Here is my hope for our schedule and how great it would be for Aresco in negotiations and by the way not totally out of the realm of possibilities other than USF/Georgia Tech, Temple/Maryland.

Houston undefeated / Temple undefeated or one loss to UCF
Houston undefeated / USF undefeated
Houston undefeated / Memphis undefeated
Championship game
Houston undefeated / Temple one defeat or UCF undefeated

Now would that be a crazy and great season or what for our conference.


Is Temple really supposed to be that good this year? I don’t see them much better than 7-5 or 6-6. Maybe I haven’t been keeping up with them closely lol.

They were a much better ball club at the end of last season. They are considered a dark horse to win the East.

I agree. We need to have a special year, and my sense is that we can and likely will. Less than 9-10 wins should put Applewhite on a flaming hot seat, one that would require a great season, possibly a conference championship the next year. Hopefully we’ll get it done. For one thing I really like the staff we have in place now. Not necessarily thrilled with the DC, but the defense has played well enough, and we lost some major contributors in Bowser, B. Wilson, H. Wilson, Taylor, and Malveaux. Secondly, too much can change to make a definitive statement, but at this point 2019 LOOKS a lot like a 7-8 win kind of season. If King really explodes that would change. But it’s tough to see the defense not taking a step back with Ed, Carter, three of four linebackers, and both starting corners leaving.


This. We also have Duke Catalon probably coming back.

Yeah, I think we put all of our chips in 2018 to have a special season. Too early to project for 2019.

Interesting to go back and read comments about what a great team we have.