AAC Recruiting Rankings have Changed


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And that is a good thing for UH. The stronger our conference mates are the more highly ranked they are likely to become. That, in turn, boosts UH’s SOS and that’s a very good thing.


Yes, but we want them to recruit well while we recruit better!!! Though if we add a few transfers we could end up with a better overall “class”. We are behind a couple of AAC teams only because we signed fewer young men.

And the coaching change in December. CMA had just around 6 weeks to recruit from behind the 8 ball. Plus, ex coach poach several of UH recruits.

Let’s wait until next year’s class to see if CMA can bring in a class similar to 2016. Getting the kid out of Baton Rouge was big.

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Next year’s class will definitely be watching to see how we rebound from last year’s finish. Starting out 4-0 would be helpful. Going at least 6-2 in conference play would be even more helpful.

4-0? 6-2? You guys need to set your sights a bit higher.

That’s a 10-2 record.


I’m guessing you were being sarcastic. Did you take a look at the home games and the road games? A team much weaker than last years team could easily go 8-4 on our schedule. If you think that expecting our team to beat Arizona (3-9) on the road and Texas Tech (5-7) at home is too much, you might need to set your sights a little higher.