AAC Remnants (Good and Bad)

First, if it comes to fruition, I will be happy that we are in the Big XII. Not that it will be a P5 conference for long, but because we get easier travel to traditional rivals (TT, TCU, BU). The money will be better, by how much, nobody knows. We have no “blue bloods”.

What I feel good about:
No Tulsa - they are really good at times. But they are such a SMALLLLLLLLL school

No Tulane - historically BAD, and such a SMALLLLLLL school (say goodbye to Fritz soon)

No ECU - good fans, someties really good program, but in the middle of nowhere and behind so many Carolina schools…and never would go to their games

Who I am on the fence about:
USF - usually great athletes, often terribly coached, but when coaching is good, they are too

Navy - they will get along no matter what

Who i feel bad for:
SMU - now they have the coach, and the boosters can pay players legally. They are going to BEAT TEAMS DOWN, but their fans still won’t fill the stadium

Memphis - I still worry they might leapfrog us. And they have been salty the past decade.

Temple - they are always right there. They seem like us. People not in Philly give them more respect than people in Philly.

AAC will still be the best G5 conference and Memphis will be a P5 school sooner than later

As I posted below, it’ll be a Top 3 conference in BOTH football and basketball if everything goes as rumored, so don’t expect it to lose its “power” status anytime soon.

As for the other AAC teams getting hosed, hey listen. After seeing my beloved Coogs get hosed in both 1994 and 2016…I’m tired of being the “hosee.”

I want to finally see UH be the HOSER!!!

I guess I’m jaded in that regard, and because of that, I feel nothing for any AAC hosees that might come out of this.

I will miss Memphis, and hope one day we will find ourselves in a conference with them again (in better circumstances) The rivalry thats been brewing has been enjoyable.

I actually feel for them. What happened to us isn’t their fault. But at the same time I’m not going to linger on it forever. Ultimately we have to do whats best for us.


Any of those schools would step over our still warm bodies to accept the invite. I wouldn’t feel too bad.


Man, you guys really need to chill and wait till is official