AAC Sales Pitch edition

Warning… ESPN+ required to read.

Tier 1 - Memphis

Tier 2 - Houston, Cincinnati

No mention of Penny’s Moving Service. Yes mention of Jordan Poole.

Nothing new to see here.


Please don’t post articles behind paywalls just give us a synopsis of what they say about UH.

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The one thing that I thought was interesting is the local recruiting angle. You aren’t getting a kid out of Memphis that they want.

That’s my fault. I didn’t realize it was espn+ because I’m always logged in.


thank you

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People post links to chron all the time and that’s pay.


I agree with this. Memphis is clearly the top dog when it comes to recruiting. Mainly because we have to battle with so many other schools. Memphis has the best program in the state.

Memphis, Houston, and Cincy should be top 20 teams every single year. Time for Memphis and Cincy to get it going.


With the right coach SMU should be too. There is too much talent in Dallas and TX as a whole.

Memphis being able to have local kids on lock is a huge deal.

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But there is the academics that was mentioned in this article. Makes it tougher.

But I agree. SMU should be top 25. But they had to do some funny stuff to get their 5 star into school (Keith Frazier).

And that bugs me too. I’ll read the 3 free and that’s it.

SMU Academics?..uh uh please…


I’m actually surprised that there are people here without an ESPN+ subscription. Given that’s where some of our games will be played for both football and basketball


Right… I bought it specifically for all of the UH Basketball and Baseball games… Everything else is bonus… I think it’s a whole $6/month… :joy:

That’s what illegal streaming sites are for :wink:


It’s really inexpensive. And the volume of games from all kinds of Sports is crazy. I watch it OFTEN!

I hate Disney…but, if you are interested, the Hulu/ESPN+/Disney Plus bundle is a pretty good deal.

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Let’s you know who’s actually watching the games :joy::joy::joy: and not just the box score

Exactly, no need to pay when the streams are easy to find

Why does it bug you ?

Because it’s taking revenue out of ESPN owned by Disney ???

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