AAC Schedule

The conference did well this weekend.
We’re up next.
Goooooo Cooooogs! Beat OU.


Real disappointed in that USF loss as they have been one of the better teams in the AAC these last few years. Hope coogs take care of business and best OU. Very happy overall with the conference this weekend.


Big 12 is due for a loss.


They are going over a cliff. ECU might beat USF this year. UConn might beat… just kidding. We all know UConn got their one win for the year.


Tonight, Cincinnati v Ohio State, UCF v Stanford, and Tulane v Auburn will set the narrative.

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I saw what you did there! 6 wins over NON P6 teams. If we can’t beat a NON P 6 team (which means raising our status to a level equal with the big boys) do we even need to discuss football?

Sure, why not? There was only one Flight 93, this definitely isn’t that crucial. All or Nothing is a terrible name for a sports show. Some football is better than no football, and we should never let Perfect be the enemy of Good.

You are assuming that we put ourselves on a lower level than a P6 standard. I don’t accept that and will not be interested in football if our team plays no (or just a few) P6 teams.

Win 2 of the 4, plus keep a high percent vs other OOC, and the conference will get some respect from neutral observers. Die hard SEC and B1G homers will never give it as they will say it is easy to get up for one game, and not look at the teams others in the AAC beat also.

It took Utah, TCU and BYU several years of winning over the name conference teams to build respect for the MWC to make it the step up over the others. The AAC is almost there so this season’s OOC will help with it. Also keep in mind it is having a strong core of teams at the top that really is necessary, not all teams in the conference need to be great to build some respect.