AAC strength of schedule

Anyone think Navy or Memphis could sneak into the ranking by the time we play them? I don’t see anyone else as having a decent chance, but we need AAC teams to pull their weight for the sake of our strength of schedule.

CBS has Navy ranked “36th”, and they play UConn, Tulane, and Air Force before seeing us. I say decent chance to sneak in too 25.

CBS has Memphis “60th”, and they play Kansas, Bolwing Green, and Ole Miss along the way before playing us in their last conference game of the season.

I didn’t mention Temple who **** the bed in their loss to Army. They WERE ranked “46th” by CBS but I doubt they’re gonna make it to see us in the championship game again.

Suffice it to say, it’d be nice to have four Top 25 wins under our belt. Memphis has a chance to make our last game huge if they have a dream season of their own.

Memphis would need to win against ole miss again, navy could and should crack the top 25 if they keep winning. central Florida got off to a good start and is worth watching to see how they progress, the other who is looking like they may be better is Tulsa.

South Florida has a tough schedule, is good, and could be ranked pretty well @ the chamionship game.

Navy’s starting QB is out for the year with an ACL injury. Doubt Navy rises.

Season-wise I agree, but I think Navy can stay strong for those three. With a little help from others’ losses, I don’t see why they would squeak in.

Now in terms of ranking bias by voters, I might agree with you

I don’t see it. Memphis lost their coach and QB from last year, and Navy lost their Heisman candidate QB last year (and this year, too). I think the other contenders in conference are probably Cincy and USF, and SMU and Tulsa could be dark horses.

Really !

SMU …Tulsa ?

Did either one find a defense ?

I want Navy to rise in the rankings. It would be nice to have Gameday in Annapolis when we are up there. I don’t know of another game where we could potentially host it since Louisville is on Thursday night. Navy’s QB getting hurt doesn’t help.

USF is our best chance of playing a team from the AAC with a top 25 ranking. Potentially I only see us playing 3 top 25 teams all year: OU, Louisville, and team in conference championship game.

Don’t count out Memphis. They have a matchup with Ole Miss, who looks horrible on defense.

Has anybody watched ECU? With Temple and Cincy looking vulnerable hopefully they can step into that place. ECU plays three P5 teams in non conference this year.

Navy is a 7 pt dog, but if they win this weekend they may sneak into coaches’ rankings. I’ll be watching that game closely!

ECU looked pretty good in a 3 point win over NC State, but pretty bad in a 5 point loss to a bad South Carolina team and horrible in a 54-17 loss to VA Tech last weekend. I don’t think ECU is going to beat Temple, Cincy or USF.

Our best shot at more ranked teams are Navy and Memphis IMO. But Memphis will need to compete with or beat Ole Miss this weekend and Navy win every game except against us. Navy plays Notre Dame on 11/5 which would be a big out of conference win, despite Notre Dame not looking that good this year. But Navy winning relative squeakers against UConn and Tulane doesn’t give me much hope. USF could get back in the rankings or close to it even after getting demolished by FSU, but they’ll likely need to win out given their soft remaining schedule.

Navy needs to keep winning.

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