*Temple loses in OT to Wagner

*UCF loses in 2OT to UNC Asheville

*South Florida loses to Southeastern Missouri St


Memphis did beat Vanderbilt on the road. :clap:


Well hopefully this just means this loaded Coog team dominates their way to a regular season and tournament conference championship along with a national championship as we make our way out the door from the AAC


Good win for the Tigers over Vandy before 10k

Yeah other than Memphis and maybe one of Tulane/Cinci there isn’t that much comp in the AAC

We go 16-2 or better in conference imo


What happened to Temple. The whole reason they are in our conference is because they were good at Basketball. Ever since joining they have sucked. Same with WSU as well

The Gonzaga Method, but with a twist.

We’re gonna win it all.


We weren’t so hot at the beginning of some recent seasons either. Maybe they will improve.

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Why should I care if the rest of the AAC sucks !


Cause those road wins at UCF, at Temple.

Instead of being Quad 1 or Quad 2 wins.

Maybe they’re Quad 3. Which are essentially meaningless.

Quad 3 and Quad 4 wins dont matter for your tournament resume. Only Q1 and Q2

That’s why we unfortunately have to care about our league


So, we are not going to make tourney !

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No, # of Quad 1 & Quad 2 wins affects seeding.

Seeding matters. You want an “easier” path to the Final Four.

Yes, March is unpredictable. But Gonzaga has been to the Sweet 16 like 7 years in a row. Good reason for that is being a high seed most yrs.

Our path as 5 seed was really tough last year

As a higher seed, the selection committee should give you an easier path. Like they did with Kansas, in my opinion…

Kansas path: 16 seed, an injured Creighton, Providence & Miami. To reach the Final Four.

We had UAB, Illinois, Arizona and Villanova. No upsets in our bracket. But tougher path

To summarize…the AAC might suck. Im hopeful for Memphis, Tulane, Cincinnati, can do something

doesnt matter if we never ever never lose


UCF keeps missing on big recruits.
Adams was their 1st FL Mr Basketball. A two time 4A state MVP, etc
He is now in the MAC. Looked good vs Colgate the other night in an awesome game.

It’s nice to go past the AAC games in ESPN+ until someone else steps up.
B12 and Top 10 teams my non UH viewing this season.

My go2 B12 hoop podcast. He blasts ESPN+ for a rough night of non working streams, buffering, and glitches at the start of this one. Production value stinks.

He loves this Baylor squad. Okie lost to Sam H ?

@ 29:28 he does his B12 tiers. Its so loaded this season.

Next year this will be a worthy investment.

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Big facts, undefeated national champs here we come!


This Friday night could prove to be pretty bad for the AAC. Lots of games against some tough opponents.

I’ve learned to never count on the AAC.


Cincy currently trailing Cleveland St early in the 2nd half.

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Cincy evened it up with a little over 14 mins to go

Watching Cincinnati and still not seeing much depth or high level play.

Temple giving Nova a run. Win or lose they’re showing some stuff.

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