AAC Tournament

Not gonna make a big deal of this….but UH did stay away from ECU’s side of the bracket.

Coogs should beat Wichita St. in their first game.
Second game most likely would be UCF which they are capable of beating.

Would not play ECU until Championship game……and it’s baseball so anything can happen……

Then again we could go 0-2.


I watched most every game. First, ESPN+ did a great job for these games which couldn’t have had many viewers. Second, we have a great infield. Third, Tulimero is the real deal as catcher.

We can win our side of the bracket if the bats pick up. And we have to get more from the pitching staff.


I’ll be there. I can walk on a bike/walking trail from my condo.



Very cool….expect some good updates!

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Expectation are low lately with all the whippins but I hope for the best.

Weather looking good for late May. Last May it only rained a few times and that ballpark was a furnace.

Any way you cut it, this program is not where it should be. So torn. I always want the Coogs to win. But I also want more nails in Whitting’s coffin.


I was at Clearwater Beach with the family a few days last summer….it was enjoyable.

I think most of us have that same feeling.

Our half of the bracket is winnable. Get to Sunday’s “winner take all game” and see what happens.

Isn’t Clearwater the scientology town? Are the games there, or in Clearwater beach?

At The Phillies Spring Training complex. In the very North of Clearwater.
Safety Harbor/Old Tampa Bay to the East.
Dunedin/Blue Jays Spring Training/St Josephs Sound to the west

@ 8 miles from Clearwater Beach.

@ 5 miles from the Scientologist in Downtown Clearwater. Its called “The Flag”.
A unique situation.
Downtown Clearwater has great buildings and on the water and there is nothing there but a few thousand Scientologists and a city park on the Gulf they cant buy.


Can’t believe we finished regular season in third place. Total collapse at end of season.
Another complete rebuild will be hard but necessary.
Baseball may be the hardest sport to rebuild because there are so many other good programs we compete with, it takes a lot of players to make a good team, the scholarships limits and the local players really want to go elsewhere so you have to build from somewhere else or juco entirely.

“ local players really want to go elsewhere “

Simply not true……several of us know of all -conference level players that went somewhere else when they would have been happy to come to UH had they been offered……
Others go somewhere else because relationships with coaches have soured to say the least….

And no, with the right hire baseball can be turned around much faster than football or even basketball….Houston is one of the top 5 hotspots of baseball players in the country.

I’m not gonna spend the time to go over the entire list of teams that should never be better than us…. You can find that in another thread if you choose….but DBU, UTSA and Texas st. Are a few that are right in Texas.

Lazy recruiting is why you have to recruit a majority of Juco’s.


Pollard pins the recruiting tail on the donkey.

While I don’t understand it I’m starting to believe it may just be laziness.

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Does Todd truly feel that he actually will be competitive in the Big 12? Does he feel that just because we will be in the new conference that all of sudden it’ll be easier for him to get better pitchers and/or better coaches? If so, that is such a lazy game plan.


I have been to several high school playoff games and have seen kids going everywhere but UH.
Can anyone tell me about any commits we have?


Look, I don’t care what facility you have. You have to sell UH a bit. It is different is some fundamental ways than the other schools in Texas. But there is a sweet spot where you can get all the talent you need to win it all in any sport.
But you gotta get out and talk about it. YOU have to understand the great things about UH to be able to sell it. And first, you have to have a concrete plan yourself that can be boiled down to bite size nuggets.
Kids don’t want to play for a jersey. They want your #% to believe in something. Once again, I go back to Gary Barnett at Northwestern. “I’m taking the Purple to Pasadena!” And he did it.
But ya gotta get out and talk about it. That means having the confidence to talk to the best hot shots on the planet and tell them why they fit on Cullen.

I want a coach that’s willing to talk to the top 50 kids in Texas knowing he might only get one. That’s the guy that will rebuild this.


Spot on…… except guess what…. He could get more than one if they would get out and show up at the big showcase events…… and actually talk to coaches…. And it can’t just be now and then….


Agree 100%.
I guess I’m talking about mindset. We would get way more. But the HC has to be a full-on salesman. You hear “no” and you smile, shake their hand, and move on that very day to the next guy. You gotta enjoy it.

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I sure hope you’re right.

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