AAC truly a P6 conference

Espn has Ed Oliver (dt) #2 and UCF MCKenzie Milton (qb) #5 this week Heisman Watch.


UCF, Houston, USF, and Memphis are good programs. Everyone else needs to stop losing to their version of Rice every other year.


I think Navy is solid and has a strong following.


UH, UCF, Memphis, USF, Cinncy, Temple, ECU (until recently) Navy, is a conference top to bottom solid. SMU trying to get better, Tulane, getting better, Tulsa (usually decent). UConn needs work but was decent.

Has Tulsa been good since Toad left? I really thought Montgomery was a solid hire and would turn them around. Unfortunately they have been able to upset the Coogs from time to time even when they aren’t decent.


I’d add Cincy and Navy to that list. Cincy’s down this year but have shown that they can win with the right coach. Navy has been relatively consistent.


I’m ok with saying UCONN is our Kansas.


Hoping for Tulsa to beat Judas in Austin.


I’m going to assume you leaving Cincy off the list was more of a brain fart than a conscious decision. :slight_smile:

4 Big East titles and 1 AAC title in the last 10 years means they can have a couple of down years without losing quality program status.

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This year the conference seems to be very top heavy (granted it is only one week). The good teams (UCF, USF, Memphis, Houston) look like they are really good. The bad teams (ECU, SMU, UConn) look like they are really bad. The middle of the road teams (Navy, Temple) appear to be down. Maybe Tulsa and Tulane make up the difference, but the conference across the board appears to be down from last year.

But it is only one week of data.