AAC vs Big 12

If Sampson gets fired two seasons in for choking players we might.

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i really dont think so… i think the biggest factor is perception… q1 wins help build perception…but its not the only factor… if unc played an aac schedule this year with our record theyd be a 1 seed too…if tulane did it theyd be a 6seed…

weve supersede the burden of conference (with our recent success) and have perception on our side the last few seasons …there have been atleast 40 interviews of Sampson talking big 12 …TO THIS DAY Sampson has not said the move is better for US…in every interview “im happy for the fans” … and a few them noted how hard it will be for us…in ton of them went out of his way to say houston could have won numerous titles in the aac and been great (with no reason to even say that the move had been finalized)… he has refused to acknowledge an recruiting benefit in the big 12… kellen has said “this is a move that will help football more than it will help us”… Sampson has noted in 1 we are not ready to compete in the big 12 and need massive donor support to even compete…

they have not directly said it but if you string together 3 or 4 interview of Sampson talking about the big 12 move its obvious he agrees with me and prefers the aac… its OBVIOUS

read my perception point earlier… providence didnt lose 2 of top 4 players … seed are done by humans

If you can’t defend you’re home court against top 25 teams, that’s a you problem.

a you problem that can be fixed with a easier schedule… (from a fan perspective… again i realize you cant turn down big 12 money)

We could schedule an easier non conf schedule to pad wins bc the big12 will have enough tough teams.

In football, sec teams play 3 easy and 1 tough ooc for ex bc their conf play is tough.

We could do that in bb and football like them.

that is exactly what we will be doing… both samspons have hinted we will probably be playing really easy noncons

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Lsu only plays maybe 2 tough non conf bb teams per this

I’ve got no problem with an easier non conference schedule going into the Big 12! CKS has always says there is a purpose behind who he schedules. Before the season started a lot of posters on this board were complaining about our out of conference schedule & it has turned out just fine! The same thing will happen next year as well!

You fix it by having an engaged fan base that celebrates the program and makes home court advantage real. One way to do that is to play an entertaining style with highly competitive games. Not by playing scrubs in February and winning by 20. Give me a top 25 home game every time over playing a scrub.

And I’m still confident the Big 12 gets at least 7 bids. WVU is going to make a run. And one of the Oklahoma schools is not out of it yet. They’re too talented and they’re going to end up with more quad 1 wins than a lot of the bubble teams they’ll be compared against. Tech is a disaster, but they’re also not playing well. They might quit on the season, which probably won’t happen in a lesser league, but that team isn’t making the tournament even in a lower league.

Embrace the toughness of this league. Big 12 basketball is what SEC football claims to be

Wichita State regressed because the combo of drunk coach and drunker wife got too much to overlook.

big 12 will get 6 bids, and most of you don’t understand the original point of this. If UH was in the AAC for the next 10 years they would make the tourney in 9-10 of those years. In the big 12 4-8.

even before marshall firing they had regressed…they had 10 consective top 10 kenpoms right before joining the aac… they entered the aac with was supposed to be the best ever Wichita team, better than their final 4 team (as they returned everyone from a top 8 kenpom team, and added some 4stars)…wichita fans were stating how they thought their backups could win the aac that year (and not joking)… with all of that didnt win the aac, and had their worst kenpom in 8 years… the following year despite their best ever recruiting recruiting class, only made the NIT and was not projected to make the tourney the covid year…

Big 12 likely gets 7-8 this year. And while it’s impossible to know how many bids we’d earn over the next decade if we stayed in the AAC, I’d be willing to bet any amount of money we earn more than 4 bids in the Big 12.

Big 12 ain’t getting 8 bids this year.

What would UH’s conference record be in the Big 12 this year???

Seems like Marshall’s coaching style worked better with juco/2 star athletes than it did with the 3 and 4 star kids they started recruiting once they got to the American. I agree that they did drop off some once they got in but Marshall’s firing certainly made it worse.

Make me a hypothetical 18 game schedule and I’ll give you my guess

It easily could. Lot of opportunities for signature wins with 6 T-25 teams. If OU and WVU start scoring some wins they could both find themselves on the right side of the bubble.

Edit: they also both have home court in the upcoming SEC/Big 12 challenge against Bama and Auburn respectively. So a couple more big win opps there.

ill give you a 20 game schedule, UH is in the big 12 and plays the other 10 teams twice