AAC vs LSU Jan 1

UCF carries the AAC flag to NY Day exposure vs LSU.

hope they whip lsu’s butts


A 4-loss UT is in a NY6 bowl? That has to be a joke.


Big 12 has a partnership with the Sugar bowl. If the Champ makes the playoffs, the Big12 runner-up heads to New Orleans.

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Another reason AAC needs a tie in with Fiesta or Peach.


The big boys!!!

Man I hope UCF beats LSU



So the cows gets the sugar bowl with 4 losses. awesome.

Georgia should be nice and angry for that UT game

It will be the same narrative: LSU was disappointed and not the same team. No one will mention that UCF lost with a backup QB - it will be because they did not belong.

I think drawing an LSU or Florida is ideal for UCF - these two teams feel the most vulnerable with UT a close third except I know Orlando can sometimes dial up a great game plan.


UCF could have been State Champs by beating Florida, which is cool, but going undefeated 2 years in a row with a win over LSU will be difficult. Geaux Knights !!!


Even if UCF wins the talking heads will say LSU was not motivated to play them.

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I don’t care about UCF. I am thrilled that Herman gets his 5-loss season. Georgia is going to whip his ### so bad he’ll think they’re Uconn.


Four losses gets you a spot in a NY6 bowl?

Being in the cartel has its privileges.


In case they lose to Georgia, they can say their players are not motivated enough since it is not the invitational CFP. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Guarantee he will say something along the lines that they are the best 5 loss team ever and their record doesn’t give credit to how good they are. Of course that sprinkled in with all the BS about loving each other so hard.


I think the main story will be the loss of the starting QB and how capable the back up is. They have to make a ho hum game sound interesting.

I suspect he’ll throw a tantrum on national TV as a subtle message that this or that ref caused the loss. Then he’ll tell us he’ll be better next year with more of Strong’s players gone.

Texas would have made playoffs if they beat OU… . .the committee wanted that…

How bout four sec teams in the ny6?

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