AAC weekly Awards 11-30





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Well deserved and probably the first of many for Mr. Mark. Especially once he really learns the defensive rotations so he gets more minutes :joy:

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A week of practice and film will help him a lot. We also have a number of games coming up where he’ll be able to learn from more mistakes. Just have to be patient.


Yep, there is no substitute for experience.


It would be great if AAC player of the year is a battle between two UH players. Or maybe three? Heck, why not?


Starting hot

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My thoughts as soon as the chatter started.

Sasser is so underrated imo.

Mark is so darn smooth. I can see him only getting better. Maybe challenging Caleb’s 2019 scoring season. It’s early, but he’s darn impressive. So glad we reeled him in.


I think Sasser will win more player of the week awards, Mark will have more Freshman of the week awards, and we will have more players win the player of the week award. This team is just getting started.

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To think we have not seen a healthy Mills at this point must be a scary proposition for upcoming opponents.

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And even while unhealthy, his shot looks silky smooth. A healthy Mills and Mark on the floor at the same time is going to be the greatest show on earth.

Yes. Mark is going to be so much better come March. I wonder can a player win Newcomer and Player of the Year? That would be cool. I was thinking, Mills, Sasser, and Grimes for Player of the Year.

Precious Achiuwa did it last year. But Mark will probably not be featured enough in this offense to win player of the year.

Sampson doesn’t feature anyone on offense. He features defense. Offense is move the ball and if a guy has an open look in his range he’s supposed to take the shot. Mark isn’t on my radar for PoY but I would wager that come February and March, he’ll be playing like it.

When I think of Sasser. I think of Texas Tech. But it is great having this Sasser on UH side!


So would you say Rob Gray wasn’t featured on offense from 2016-2018 when he averaged 20ppg and was given the ball down the stretch of games and took 25% of the team’s shots? Or that Corey Davis and Armoni Brooks weren’t featured on offense on the 2018-19 team when combined they took nearly half of the team’s shots?

Sampson will play to the team’s strengths on offense. If he has a scorer who is much better than the rest of the players on the team, that player will get much more opportunity and be “featured”. Whereas if you have a team like last year’s team or this year’s team where there’s a few players who are good on offense, the ball gets shared more.

I think we’ll see stretches where certain players are given the ball and told to go to work. Last year we saw it at times with Grimes, Sasser and mostly Mills. This year we’ve already seen it with Grimes in that stretch where he went off against Boise. I think we’ll see it with Sasser, Mills and Mark. When those guys get hot, you have to feed them the ball. The cool thing with this team is it will be someone different every game.

That was a totally different team, offensively. In a tight game, I think coach will go to whichever of our offensive weapons, of which we have many, his having a good game or presents the best chance of scoring or getting to the line. With Gray, he was really the only reliable go-to guy in a clutch situation. Dotson was good to but he wasn’t the guy of choice, I don’t think.

Has anyone received “Freshman of the Year” and “Sixth Man Award” in same year?

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