Academy in Tomball

Pretty good selection of items. Besides hats and shirts they have a lot of miscellaneous things.


I’ve never seen an inflatable lawn helmet before. Thinking other regions display them more often. Marked down to $50 on Amazon so the $20 is a real clearance price.

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Liking those tumblers

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I haven’t either. I also thought the Legos were really cool. I’ve never seen anything like that at all. So that something goes for all ages :slightly_smiling_face: Yes I bought them for me.


Same! I’ve never seen such a selection like this before. The black ones are pretty slick. I know those are not traditional colors but it looks pretty nice.

I was at Bed Bath& Beyond yesterday(Missouri City) and they had UH pillows, blankets and neck pillows —2 for $20.

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Wow thanks!! I haven’t seen any of those. So I wonder if things are expanding at Bed Bath and Beyond. The only thing I have ever seen there is the tumblers and the U of H Snuggie.