ACC Expansion

Let’s assume the ACC is very serious about adding 3 new schools.

2 PAC schools (Stanford + CAL) + a G5

Why are we automatically assuming that G5 selection is SMU ( a small private school in Texas that would NOT capture the Texas market)

Wouldn’t these G5 options make more sense?

UCONN- in their current footprint + public flagship + success in basketball

USF- Large public school in their footprint. Good academics. Proactive selection If/ When FSU leaves

Memphis- large public school in nearby footprint state. Commitment to Athletics.

Tulane- Probably a better small school/ high academic option than SMU

Why are we assuming SMU is the selection? Is it because they made them an offer they can’t refuse??

I’m sure those 4 schools will gladly match SMUs offer to land a spot in a P4 plus they are a better fit!

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I do not believe that other schools are prepared to go without 4 years of media $$ income just to have the chance at making a jump to an autonomous conference. Time will tell if they have the donors to make it work, but you can’t fault them for trying.


They only need to secure, from donors, what they would have made in the AAC to break even- $8 million/year BUT they will be a P4 school.

The rest is a net positive investment when they reach the maturation year.

Doesn’t hurt for the ACC to ask if they believe those other schools are a better long-term fit

I think the ACC has to seriously consider that Clemson, FSU, Miami, and North Carolina are looking elsewhere whether it’s the SEC or Big 10 if they can’t pull in Notre Dame.

One way to make ND join is that the playoff committee punishes ND for not being in a conference and making them play on the road.
This will make ND reconsider about joining a conference instead of being independent.

Nothing is happening until Clemson and Fla St decide what they want to do!

The answer is simple. None of those schools can join for free, but SMU will.


Because SMU is willing to wh#re themselves out for almost a decade that’s why.


If this happens, this is yet another piece of evidence that the Big 12 > ACC;

USC/UCLA/Oregon/Wash go to B1G
Arizona/ASU/Utah/CU go to B12
Stanford/Cal/SMU go to ACC

On optics alone, I’d vote this down. Huge win for SMU if they pull this off. That’ll mean Rice is the only former SWC team that isn’t in a power conference.

SMU football >> UConn football
ACC already has the tristate market. No access to Texas.
SMU ranked even with A&M in academics. Tulane better but lower sports commitment.

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I’m glad the other expansion and realignment threads weren’t covering this topic. Felt we needed a new one. Thanks.

The other thread was 800,000 posts long. I’m glad there’s an easier one to navigate on this specific topic.

Thanks OP


None of those schools would appeal to me.

Wait for FSU and Clemson to flee the ACC, and then raid it aggressively.

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If SMU gets P4.
I like them for the UH OOC mix.

B12 Ohio River/ Piedmont down the line.
NC State w Pitt/ Louisville/ VT/ __? added to WVU & Cinn.

Leftover ACC has plenty of options from American & Sunbelt.

In the words of Beavis……

Yeah……that would be cool……huh huh huh huh.


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Imagine this scenario…

SMU joins the ACC at ZERO payout in 2024, for seven years.
Their first pay out will be scheduled for the 2032 season.

Around that time, it becomes known the B1G 10 is going to add #19 & #20 in Notre Dame & Stanford.

The SEC counters by taking North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson & Virginia to get to 20

The Big 12 counters by taking 4 (North Carolina State, Miami, Virginia Tech, PITT or Georgia Tech)

The SMU ends up back where they started but I think the ACC then raids the AAC (Rice, Tulane, Memphis, USF, etc.) and maintains P4 status (albeit weak P4 status).

Even if this scenario plays out…it is 100% worth the gamble for SMU


Doubtful the B1G would add Stanford, but even assuming they do…

That future ACC you talked about would be a P4 in purely legislative terms.

Its TV deal would NOT be close to P3 level. It’d be a P4 with A5 TV money.

A “power” conference in name only.

Not at all sure that that would be worth the risk. The long-term payout for SMU, moneywise, would be awfully low. Very poor risk/reward. A gamble with very little long-term payout if you win.

It would still be a solid conference.

Boston College
Wake Forest
CAL Berkley
Georgia Tech/PITT

…but I do think under that scenario CAL would give up unless they add a Western Wing to get to 20:
Colorado State/UNLV
Washington State
Oregon State

How so?

If they get donatioins of only $8 million a year, they are exactly where they’d be in the AAC (money wise) BUT…in the ACC, they’d get an uptick in exposure/ recruits/ Bigger Bowls…plus they’d be in a top 3 Basketball conference.

No brainer IMHO

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Moneywise at only $8 million per team they would be a G5.

As I said…a P4 in NAME only.

Is that G5 level monetary reward really worth the risk of having NO money for 7 years?

Not sure.

That’s really a high risk, low reward scenario.

In terms of exposure, their TV deal would NOT afford the type of exposure that the P3 deals would.

And I don’t see your scenario working out.

I can’t imagine the Big 12 not taking Louisville and Pitt.

The B1G would likely add AAU Georgia Tech and Miami for the Atlanta and Miami markets.

Take those schools out of your hypothetical future ACC.

The rest of those football brands would be miniscule. Basically AAC with an East Coast presence.

of course it is…they will get to play the likes of North Carolina, Syracuse and Duke regularly in basketball.

They’d get to play the likes of Florida State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Virginia, etc.regularly in Football.

Remember, right now the AAC is comprised of the likes of Charlotte, UAB, FAU, UTSA N Texas & Rice.

If the money is a wash- which schedule excites you more?


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